Access to the IFTTT channel?


@ansuz07 We’re still hoping to resolve this issue with IFTTT, but we unfortunately we don’t have an active invite link at this time.


@david. Thank you for the update. Please do let me know when it is resolved.


Just wanted to say thanks for looking into this. I’m really looking forward to adding IFTTT into the mix.


@david. Any updates on this? Its been about three weeks and I’m curious what the hold up is.


We’re still working with the folks at IFTTT on this. They recently migrated to a new platform which means we need to rework the integration. As such our beta is now closed.


@david. That is very disappointing news. One of the reasons I stuck with the company during the 2+ year wait for the product was that I was excited about the integration possibilities.

If it is not something you plan to offer or something you are choosing to reprioritize, it might be best to not advertise this as a feature of the device (as you currently advertise compatibility under the “Easily Customizable” subheading of the homepage).


@ansuz07 This is definitely something we plan to offer - we just now have to do some more work on our end for this integration since IFTTT have recently changed their platform. Integration into different systems is definitely something we hope to do more of, and we even have an open API to allow people to do this:


Being able to get notified of lock state changes was one of the reasons that I bought the Lockitron, so I was disappointed to find that it is not part of the native apps. I expected to be able to workaround this with IFTTT but again, very disappointed to not see the channel. Hope this will be resolved soon.


What is the status on IFTTT channel?


Yes, what is the latest status on IFTTT? No updates from Lockitron since October…


Any update on lockitron + IFTTT integration?


Any update on this? Would love to use IFFT to unlock my door from my watch!


@alexs - Hey there! While I don’t work for Lockitron, have you had a look at this?

IFTT change?

Hi @anthonylavado, thanks for the link. I did come across wear-a-tron (I’m on Android) and it works for the simple case (with a few more clicks than I’d like). With IFTTT though can start to do more powerful things like lock my door whenever I leave the building. I did finally get IFTTT working using the lockitron REST API and IFTTT’s Maker connection but I imagine others would find it valuable to get the benefit of the feature without going through that extra step.


@alexs sorry, it’s on our todo list to get this up and running again. We’re planning on doing this in conjunction with broader Bridge availability as this will allow for the most interesting IFTTT integrations.


Just wanted to bump this again and see if there are any updates.


Im really going to want this to work soon because im getting an amazon echo and id love to just tell alexa to unlock my door


Just wanted to bump this 5 months later. Any progress?

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The new channel is in private beta at the moment - reach out at support@ and we’ll get you set up with an invite.


For everyone else, the IFTTT Maker Channel can be used to replicate some of this functionality, if you are okay with setting up/using the Lockitron API.

It’s not quite as user friendly, but it is possible.