Bolt doesn't connect, authentication infinite loop


I just got my Lockitron Bolt, it set up correctly, but does not connect at all afterwards.

I followed knowledge base articles like and nothing helped. I’ve removed the lock and re-added it, I’ve tried using other devices to set it up, and they all have the same problem.

What’ happening is that it hangs on the Attempting to Connect screen. I enabled the debug bluetooth status and it’s in an infinite loop of “discovering services, authenticating, connecting, discovering services, authenticating, connecting, etc, etc”. It’s also thinking it’s toggling the lock state, because the recent activity logs show “locked, unlocked, locked, unlocked” and I can see the UI changing state behind the blur of the connecting modal constantly changing back and forth.

I emailed a few days ago and haven’t gotten a response yet so I thought I’d post here.

Thanks for your time!


@brandon sounds like that unit wasn’t programmed correctly. I followed up via support, I think we need to replace.