Bolt Finish / Color Choice Email - UPDATE: Sent & Available in Dashboard Now


Yea i was able to chose the color for my preview unit but not my original order. When you say satin nickle for preview testers, does that mean we will get the case of a preview? Or is it a regular bolt but with the satin nickle sheen? If its a regular bolt, then ill take the satin nickle for both, if its a preview case, then quicksilver it is.

Also, hows the access panel coming along? I definitely want my hands on that!


@Jason_Silva more on the finish re Preview in the email. Basically you can choose from either Preview or Production finishes since we promised you guys Preview ones.


When will emails start goin out?


@cameron, I am also just seeing the 2 options. Is the bug fixed? PS, I didn’t receive an email, were all the colours shown in the email?


@saxnix bug is fixed accept for multi-color emails. When you change color you will receive a confirmation email! Preview Backers will see four options, Production two.


Sorry, a little confused still. I am a kickstarter backer, would that not make me a Preview Baker??

Also, what is a multi-color email? Not sure if it is because it is 5am and my brain is not awake yet or not, but I have no clue what you mean by multi-color emails?


@saxnix color choice. Preview was the beta unit; it looks different - since we offered it to Preview backers, we will honor offering either “look” of the lock for those backers (see for comparison).


Thanks for that @cameron.


How do I find out my place in line? I don’t see it on the dashboard/orders page.


So just to be clear @cameron , even if we choose the preview finish we will still be receiving the production version of lockitron? The only difference is the look of the lock and nothing else if we choose a color offered during the beta.


@krmay1 addressing this in the email - there are a few mechanical differences, namely that you’ll need a screwdriver to remove the interior cover. Circuit board is identical, both will work with Keypad once released.



@vlock sorry, don’t have that available at the moment. We’re using original backer date and position with Preview vs. Production to order everyone on shipment.


I’m a kickstarter backer who was migrated to the Bolt+Bridge. I’ve updated my order to get the Quicksilver. Is it possible to have my Bolt shipped before the Bridge? I feel like backers have been in line long enough they should be allowed to have the option, if possible.


@rezl: I believe it says somewhere that this is already the case - Bolt will ship as soon as possible, in order, and then bridge will follow when available.

Will find the link and post back.


Yea as far as i know, bridge isnt ready but bolt is. I remember cam stating that only bolts will go out right now.


@Jason_Silva Correct, it’s in the color email. Sorry, I need to peel away from code and support to write an update with all the details.

Short answer: Bridge is coming very soon, but it won’t be ready for the first large shipment.


Maybe the wording just seems ambiguous. The color email states:

"We aren’t currently shipping orders with Bridge, however, we expect to have these ready for the bulk of shipments later next month; if not we’ll ship Bridge separately when ready.

Does this this mean people with orders of Bolt+Bridge won’t ship until both are ready?
Or that Bolts will go out first regardless and Bridges will be sent to those who ordered them as soon as they’re available?