Bolt not turning


I just installed my Bolt and can’t get it working. The deadbolt turns easily with the key and by hand, but the bolt just makes an angry whining noise when trying to turn.

I tried the “clutch reset” as mentioned in the included manual, as well as loosening the mounting screws as suggested here: to no avail. I then unmounted the bolt and found that the mechanism won’t even turn with no load. If I tap the handle while it is trying to turn it sometimes will partially or fully turn but it won’t start by itself.

Is there some sort of calibration I can run? The batteries are brand new (reading at 92% in the app) so I doubt that is the issue.


I opened the back and found that the worm gear was not making good contact with the next drive gear. Some of the teeth on the drive gear also seemed a bit worn down, not sure if they came that way or if it was caused by all the grinding during my testing. Anyway, I wedged a small piece of foam above the motor in an attempt to get the gears to seat better. It now works fine on my lab bench and can operate the lock when connected, but it still struggles more than I would like.


@mpr sounds like you need a replacement! We can queue one up next week if you drop us a line at


Hello @cameron, looks like I’m experiencing the same issue with my Bolt, what should I do?
Thanks in advance!


@vanquish3r send us a video at! That’s best place for us to diagnose and replace if needed.


Hello @cameron, thanks so much for your reply! I’ve sent an email to
Here’s the video as requested:
Thank you for your help!


As a follow up to @vanquish3r’s video - that’s a bad gear and the unit needs replacement. If you see the same thing, reach out to us and we’ll ship one.


Hello @cameron, I’ve already sent an email to but haven’t received a reply. How do I go about getting a replacement unit?
Thank you!


@vanquish3r A bit slow over the holiday, looks like someone replied in the meantime.


Thanks @cameron, somebody’s been in touch with me.