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8 days and no reply.


Hi Cameron, any updates on when my order will be fulfilled for my missing Lockitron Bridge? My order was placed on 9/8/15 (#101942684) and still no Lockitron Bridge (Just Bolt), I am kinda upset that I walked into Target (US) today 8/2/17 and they have Lockitron Bolts + Bridges for sale when I’ve been waiting patiently for mine for 2 years.


@thetran209 we should have shipped all U.S. orders that were migrated; we can help with a refund if you want to pick one up in Target instead since we’re waiting on units again.


I contacted support back on June 14 about the status of the Modern Gold, bridge, and KW1 keyway. I was told that I was in the queue and to expect shipping in 1-2 weeks. Nothing happened. Then it was posted that Amazon had flagged the Modern Gold and on June 29 it was resolved and would resume shipping. Still nothing. I first ordered with Lockitron on October 12, 2012. That is 1757 days or 4 years, 9 months, and 23 days ago. I have received nothing except a few e-mails. I am reaching out to support again. As far as I am concerned, anyone that ordered from Lockitron after October 12, 2012 should be behind me in the queue, even if they already received a bolt and are waiting on a bridge or keyway.


20 days with no reply


Hi. Any news about the shipping to European countries? Is there anybody who can tell me that I will receive Bolt in near future or I have to find another solution for my front door?


I have placed orders from 2013. I am waiting for Lockitron + Bolt for almost 5 years.

The support team told me last year that “we are almost done sorting out our international shipping issues”.
Since then, I’ve been asking same questions but the support team stopped replying anymore.

So I login to the Lockitron community and asked Cameron for ETA.
Not only he provides only little information, now he is also ignoring his customers.

This is truly the worst product I have ever ordered.

So here are questions.

What is the current status of Lockitron?
When do you plan to ship internationally?
Do you ship only in Canada currently?
If I change my address from Japan to U.S.A, can you ship my orders right away?

I hope someone would see this message….


I’m right there with you. I backed this oh i don’t know twenty years ago and 17 children ago. I’m hoping to get my order before I retire.

But seriously this entire thing is a mess, I’ve been waiting since the beginning as well and I can’t believe I have to continuously email them to find out what’s happening years later. So I’ll try again, where’s my second bolt and the two bridges?

Did you guys just give up and take extended personal days?


I am in Australia and would also like an update. If you can’t do that, please refund. It has now gone beyond a joke.


Got an email from them today, stating it’ll be a couple of more weeks for both bolts and the bridges. Nothing specific.


Same boat here, early funder. I never receive any communication from Lockitron. When I saw a Facebook brag posting that all US units were shipped a bit over a month ago, I contacted them. Said still have my order but needed a few more weeks. No further communications and certainly no units.


Thank you guys for the information. Could you tell me which email did you receive the reply from?
I did try to send another email to 7 days ago, but no reply whatsoever.


I ordered in 2014. Still no device delivered and no responses to repeat inquiries to Lockitron support via webform, by email and to their phone#.


It looks like Cameron is still responding to the customers who have the Lockitron.
So he is simply decided to leave all the customers who still have not receive it. How wonderful.

I hope there is a way to receive full refund now… Any idea guys?


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@Hanako no update here yet.

@werch what’s the issue? We deal with dozens of requests a day.


@cameron, Any news about European customers? Do you planning to start the deliveries and when it could be happened?


@cameron Should I be asking for updates on Shipping of Bridges to Canada in this thread? When I placed my order in December 2013 it was in anticipation of a device which could access the internet. The Bolts I received are lacking the internet access which was one of the main reason I wanted the device in the first place.


anyone with any word? It’s been a month since the last time i was told it would be two weeks.


Still Bridge-less in Canada