Bolt - Shipping Updates


@cameron, have you shipped any Oct 2012 international orders (Quicksilver + Bridge)? I ordered 9 Oct 2012


Man this really sucks, over 3 years later your fulfilling orders from October 2012! Welp I’ll just consider I’ll never get this then.


Gotta remember, a huuuuuge amount of the total orders were from october.


@cameron any updates for Canadian shipments for Quicksilver Bolt + Bridge?

Blog update is overdue, I hope to hear some good and welcomed news shortly :slight_smile:




Would also appreciate an update re Canadian shipping.


I’m awaiting an international order (overseas) of a Modern Gold Bolt (without Bridge).
Can anyone point me to where there are recent details on
(a) overseas shipping acceptance by Amazon, and
(b) whether manufacture of Modern Gold Bolts is still actively occurring?
I now have the ability to get purchases shipped overseas via a USA address if Amazon still aren’t shipping overseas, but pre-paying the extra cost isn’t worth it if stock of Modern Gold isn’t available.


@KiwiWales @seanhealy @josh.stuckey we attempted Canadian shipments and they’re blocking on those too. All international shipments will need to go through the new warehouse. We’re shipping some units from our next batch to the new warehouse to start testing.


Thanks for the shipping update Cameron.
Will that test shipment include Modern Gold Bolts, or is that finish still in the pipeline?


@KiwiWales yes, but not for international (or most domestic). Our next shipment for the U.S. includes our first larger “sample” run of 20 Modern Gold that we’re closely inspecting here first before the larger run.


I asked a few posts up but didn’t get a response, but any rough updates on someone who ordered quicksilver with bridge in January(United States)? Not looking for any exact dates just real rough estimates on what the timelines are. Thanks in advance!


Cameron could say a year and I wouldn’t care, it’s not unfair to ask for a rough idea of where they are at now =).



@cameron just wondering where i stand. i ordered quicksiver w/ bridge and my profile says Your Lockitron’s components are complete. It’s currently awaiting color finishing or final assembly. just wondering what that means and when i can somewhat expect it. dont need an exact date, just an idea. thanks.


@Menooch18 it’s when you placed the order that matters.

A quick update here - next units are just about on their way. They will take us through the rest of October 2012 and up until January 2013 orders; again, the largest numbers of orders were placed right at the beginning.

The following shipment (not yet slated) will take us through all remaining migration backers and up through early 2015.


@cameron My order was from October 2012. Unfortunately, I’m one of the Canadian backers that has a shipping ETA which appears to be up in the air. I’ll be in the US in a few weeks, I am wondering if I could have my order shipped to the US in order to get it sooner. I’ve emailed in hopes this is something we can work out. Please advise, thanks!


@Mitch we can change your address and put it in with U.S. shipments on a “best efforts” basis; we locked everyone into a spot in line however we want to do our best to get through all Octobers as quickly as possible since you’ve clearly waited the longest.


How is it that Lockitron can still advertise “shipping in 2 weeks” for new orders and yet my order placed 3 years ago hasn’t even shipped nor do I have an expected ship date? A more accurate statement would be “sometime in the future”.


I get the feeling that I’ll get my Tesla 3 before the Bolt…


@cameron can you address the fact that your website says Lockitrons with bolt ships in 8-10 weeks yet 5 days ago you say the next big shipment has no ship date yet and even if it did it only goes up to early 2015? It seems like false advertising to get more conversions. It only seems honest to remove this or change it to say something like unknown shipping date sense that is what is told to all current pre orders in the community or by email.


I fell for the false advertisement (i.e. 1-2 weeks delivery) Ordered a Bolt Without Bridge-Quicksilver on July 6th 2016. Expecting delivery by Now!. Imaging my surprise to find this forum today.
Lockitron should really stop taking people money on false premises. (because they charge when ordered and not with shipping). It is borderline fraud to advertise 1-2 weeks delivery and then sit on the money without ever communicating real shipping expectation for your customers.