Bolt - Shipping Updates


@antiflash tell me about, I placed my order 3 years ago with a promise date when I ordered and today I still have no product or ETA. At the time of the order I even called them to ask why I was charged because I thought it was illegal to charge for a pre ordered product thats not available (I also purchased after the crowd founded compaign was over with a estimated ship date on the product page). I was given some weird excuse and I left it because I like to see startups make it and come out with new products. So I decided to wait. But now the more I see what’s going on and how Cameron and his team treat and deal with customers, I’m not sure I want to wait anymore. Lockitron seems to be an engineering firm only able to design a product with no ability to support actual customers or a real product.

It’s even more frustrating that Cameron is getting called out about their false advertising and of course we get no response.


An update would be nice… It’s been 4 months since your last update (Mar 31)… Placed order May 14, 2013, #8849 in line and still waiting because I wanted the bridge. I’d be more mad if I wasn’t just amused at the absurdity at this point.


@cameron Hey! Just wondering if you have any news from your Canada test shipments. Thanks.


just wondering when the gold will ship my test unit drains for batteries a week and it is useless



@cameron Also looking for an update on Canadian shipments. Waiting patiently for my Quicksilver Bolt + Bridge…


I’ve been emailing them every few days lately. I ordered my Lockitrons (3) in NOvember of 2015. IN March 2016 I received 1 of the three. I am owed 2 bolts and 2 bridges. They have never returned an email, except for one telling me to send email to instead of So know when ever I think of it I send another email!


@jfioro units with Bolt + Bridges are going in order; there are a lot of crowdfund backers ahead of you in line for this.

@forcryingoutloud @seanhealy we’ve got a bunch on their way by sea…taking a while. Some of these guys are slated for the new warehouse which can ship internationally.

@antiflash @techoguy I amended the estimate and responded on another thread; more units without Bridge are coming in the shipment which is taking longer than we expected to arrive.

Lastly - we’re now in production for ALL remaining backer units and preorders. We’re limited on Bridge components, so a more detailed update will follow when we have color here. There are also some issues with the Modern Gold finish in mass production that we’re working on resolving. The goal is to get this remaining batch in a single container and ship at once.


Thanks for the reply. Is their any chance to get some kind of schedule??


@jfioro the upcoming shipment is expected to arrive on U.S. soil within a week, then some transit to our distribution centers.

The following production run is going to take a bit more time; @pmg will be in Taiwan to shepherd this run due to the large size and further optimizations we’re putting in from the last fews runs.


@cameron, of the shipment in transit what amount of those products are slated for Canadian Bolt + Bridge customers (I ordered July 2014)? Also, is the order status in the dashboard accurate?


@josh.stuckey the order status is not updated frequently; this a surprisingly difficult process given all the minutiae that goes into each unit and non-perfect ops between the factory and warehouse. It’s the most accurate for units just about to ship.

I don’t know what the units heading to the warehouse from this batch for testing international orders with cover, but I suspect it’s only 2012 and maybe some 2013 orders. Canada was our second largest market by far, however, the batch of units that I noted above which is in production now covers all remaining Canadian orders as well.


@Cameron thanks for updating the website, but I still don’t get how you can put any stated ship date on the front page of your site when here you continue to say you can’t give us an estimate or ship date to people that have already ordered. It seems based on lockitron’s history that it should say “hoping to ship soon” and maybe you can update it when you have more “color here”.


@cameron here’s what the largest fibre company in New Zealand has published. It might save a lot of these discussions if your own version was on the main blog each month…


I ordered my lockitron on April 18, 2013 and am still waiting for it if I don’t get by end of year I’m most likely going to get kevo but we just need more updates what is going on are at least weekly update on blog


You just want @cameron to post, “Shipments are coming from China and we’re shipping as quickly as possible” every week?


A status update doesn’t need to be remarkable (or even good new). Just a short pulse checkin to know that things are still happening and allow users to set expectations.


@seanhealy @DGMurdockIII

Sea freighted units just arrived stateside. We’re working to get them properly labeled and off to the warehouses.


Thanks for the update! :slight_smile:

If I’m reading your above estimates correctly this should cover US and Internation until sometime in 2013?

Any idea how long the big production run to catch up to present will take?


@seanhealy it’s intended to be within 60 days, although we need some time to ship. Will know more soon.

The other units are leaving for their respective warehouses today, should be ready in another week.


I’ll ask my question here since I can’t get a response elsewhere. Two months ago we communicated via DM on twitter and I was told I would have my bridge / bolt in six weeks. I then followed up on 8/1 and was told that you were going to send me a bridge and my quicksilver bolt (which was just waiting for the bridge) immediately, thanking me for my patience.

I never received any shipping info and never received the promised Bolt / Bridge. I’ve reached out three times since 8/1 for an update via DM on twitter and haven’t gotten any kind of response from you or Paul. Is it so hard to type a few sentences to update on a promise that was made, or to just follow through on said promise? I was a part of the original crowdfunding in early October of 2012, had the original lockitron, and then ordered this when it came out. Not following through on a promise is bad enough, but then not answering queries just makes matters much worse. What gives??