Bolt - Shipping Updates


@cameron clarification on shipping with bridge – we received the production bolt here and installed it after using preview. It’s working really well and still on the original batteries. I might have missed something but are bridges paired with bolts when you ship them? I figured that once bridges were ready we’d just get them and pair locally. Perhaps a little clarification would be great :slight_smile: thanks


@tophat - No, that’s not the idea at all :smile:

If you read the update carefully, you can make out the production statuses of all the items. This is mainly how I stay informed.

The first large batch of Lockitron Bolts is assembled, packaged, shrink wrapped and heading out from our factory via air freight now.

These units are Quicksilver Bolts without Bridge; once they arrive at our U.S. facility we’ll be shipping them on to you. Once your order ships you’ll receive an email confirmation along with tracking information.

So Quicksilver (Non-Bridge) units are going out. This is true. This is evidenced by the various pictures included later in the update:

The lock factory has packaging, circuit boards that are programmed, and continue to produce locks in quantity.

Bridge is built in three stages as they break it down on the blog. Once those batches are completed, they go to the lock factory where they get packaged in with the Bolt units.

As the lock factory delivers units, they get sent, again in batches, to the US for fulfillment and processing.

Bridge and Lockitron units were temporarily slowed for the Lunar New Year, but that didn’t stop the units that were already in transit from being fulfilled, and indeed, they are still heading out. The Lunar New Year celebrations are pretty much all wrapped up now, so it’ll be business as usual shortly :smiley:

The locks are produced in such quantity that it’s really about getting the units, especially with bridge, out there into the world. I’d imagine most orders have Bridge and Quicksilver, so it’s probably best to have those two combinations going out as soon as possible.


OK…But that’s what I meant: since I opted for the Bolt in modern gold, my deliver date won’t be satisfied until after you’ve satisfied your Quicksilver customers, which puts my delivery months in the future; even if you assume a thousand bolts per week, which is probably unrealistic, the fourth quarter is probably my best bet wouldn’t you think? (which ironically will be my two year anniversary of when I first submitted my original Lockitron order): the only saving grace I suppose is that by then my Bolt and Bridge will hopefully arrive together.


@tophat - My apologies, I should make clear that I don’t work for Lockitron, I’m merely an owner myself (who posted here enough to be given mod status). As such, I don’t have any “insider data” on what’s going on or where. I posted my “breakdown” of the last update to show (both to you, and anyone else interested) a little bit more about the scale of all this production.

Perhaps to shed some more light on it, look at it this way:

  • The Quicksilver locks have been in production for some time now (since at least November, if not just before that)
  • As there’s no standalone packaging for Bridge, they’re moving all the locks they can without it
  • We don’t have official word about Modern Gold, but one must presume they’re in the works/already being produced
  • Bridge production has been ongoing, and those are getting sent to the factory to package in with units as soon as possible, whether QS or Modern Gold

This help document was recently updated on Feb 11th: [What is Lockitron Bolt’s Production Timeline?] (

To copy:

The first production Lockitron Bolts have shipped out to our backers. Take a look at the first impressions - remaining preorders will be shipped throughout February-April 2015. Orders without Bridge are shipping sooner, you’ll have the option to purchase Bridge at a later time.


Thanks for the summary @anthonylavado
Sounds like preorders of Lockitron bolt+bridge will start being shipped very soon.


If I order the gold lock with the bridge today. What is the realistic arrival in California?

Is the bridge required for the proximity option?

Thank you,


@Jay - Hey there!
As always, I should mention I don’t work for Lockitron, so I don’t have any info for arrival times.

For Sense™, Bridge is not required. As a refresher for all, here’s what Sense and Bridge do.


  • Uses Bluetooth 4.0/Low Energy/Smart
  • Proximity Unlock, “Walk up to your door”
  • Tap To Unlock - Phone buzzes in pocket, knock on it three times to unlock
  • Notification - Get a message on your phone/smart watch asking if you want to unlock


  • Adds Wi-Fi capability
  • Allows you to control Lockitron Bolt remotely
  • Allows users without a supported phone to use the website for locking/unlock
  • Allows you to connect your Lockitron to other services with an Open API (Homebridge for HomeKit, IFTTT, Others)


Wow wow wow this product has been on my periphery for quite sometime, I recalled the first iterations having issue with shipping but when I check backed things looked positive, guess I should have dug deeper. I planned to just input all my info to get to the screen where the shipping window would be presented then make my final decision to buy or not. Unfortunately I finalized the order before I meant to and was never given any kind of shipping windows or estimated delivery date. After looking at some tweets and this thread seems like I just made the biggest and dumbest mistake…is it even worth asking when I’ll get my device? Feeling like an idiot at the moment. How many people are waiting on the Bolts, how many orders left to fulfill after this first 1000?


@NiCole - Hey there! I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve moved your post to this thread. This has way more up to date info than the other, which is quite long and mostly outdated.

While I don’t work for Locktron and thus don’t know any specifics, you can look a couple posts up from this to see more of the up to date information. As the early impressions state as well, Bolt is doing great! Word is it runs really well and is super reliable from those that have used it.


Thanks Anthony…I guess I feel a little better but just looking back it seems like peoples hopes have risen to crash and burn quite a few times. I’m hoping the feb-apr holds true. I would hope they don’t plan to hold up the Bolt orders waiting for Bridges (if it comes to that). I’m still excited about the product just super concerned about it actually arriving.


Seeing all this information about first thousand shipped, others shipped, etc etc etc. All I’m trying to figure out is what number anyone may be!??!?!?

Backed the kickstarter in Oct. 2012 and just trying to find ANY sort of information on ACTUAL fulfillment. A thousand units is great, but does little good if there are 10,000-20,000 100,000 people ahead of me. :eggplant:

Its been years of wait wait and wait.


FWIW: I’m 4087 (order placed 12/4/12) and I have not yet received my shipping email. I also remember reading somewhere that the backer numbers don’t really mean anything at this point since they are shipping certain colors first so my understanding is that affects your priority.


@mmeador -

What @ays says is correct - the old updates for the Crowdfunded Lockitron (fits over lock), had unit numbers in the thousands shipped. This may be the source of your confusion.

While we don’t have that same level of detail with the current status of Bolt shipping, we do know that the old “backer numbers” no longer apply. This new version is built in enough quantity to fill those orders quickly enough.

What currently determines orders being sent out is what I’ve detailed in Post #24, based on information @Cameron has provided in this thread and others.


I understand that you don’t work for Lockitron but given the wait time that has already happened and the communication that shipping was supposedly supposed to be begin a few times already it would be really nice to hear more information on what soon means. @cameron Regular updates on this would be really nice. :smile:


+1 for more regular updates regarding shipping (aside from the bi? weekly posts) – I understand there was a roughly 10 day stand still due to Chinese New Year, but I too have heard that “there are enough units to fill all the original lockitron backers and then some” and that shipments would go out “soon”…what does this mean at this point? how “soon” will these units go out?


Indeed, what is also confusing is how many constitute original backers and how do their numbers compare to those in the mythical queue which at one time apparently constituted tens of thousands of clients. And of the latter, I wonder, realistically, how many will actually receive their Bolt/Bridge by April 30, 2016.


One final point; I have friends and neighbors who would love to order a Bolt/Bridge but I keeping tell them, look it’s not like you can place an order on Amazon and receive your shipment two day later. When do you think you will be able to so, ie go public and satisfy customer demand like a regular company.


Everyone - jumping in here. We held back some units because the out of box experience with the currently deployed apps was ok but missing some key, expected features. These have since been fixed in our betas that we’re sending off for app store approval at the end of this week.

We have completed enough Bridges in China for more than half of Bolt + Bridge orders, some of which have reached our lock factory and are being combined with Bolts now for shipment to the U.S. so we can get started on those orders as well.

We wholeheartedly agree that once units are “available” most folks will want the Amazon Prime experience; equally they won’t want to fumble around waiting for updates for promised features to work which is why we’re resolving some last app bugs.


Thanks so much for the update.
I really wanted the brass color but I thought the silver would arrive sooner.
I can’t wait!


Hows the bolt access comming along?