Bolt - Shipping Updates


What is so surprising is that Kevo would integrate its monitoring function into the lock mechanism itself thereby seriously compromising its physical integrity;
to have plastic components in the lock mechanism itself
Is beyond belief. At least with the the Bolt or Schlage’s own WIFi controlled keypad system, the deadbolt is independent, though the hacking threat is still a real consideration for any remotely controlled lock. In the case of August, it’s just not a reluable reliable mechanism it seems.


“Why risk having literally anyone with a little time and a lock pick kit from getting into your house” applies just as well to Schlage Connect or Sense deadbolts. You say “buying a safer lock is a no-brainer,” so I ask you what a “safer” lock is? Do you mean more likely to keep out the kind of threats you face at your specific address? Because then the safety isn’t intrinsic in the lock, it’s in your setup. I assume you conflated “stronger” with “safer,” but the two are not equivalent. No lock is safer than the easiest means of entry into your home. Your complete home security setup may be relatively safer than another, but just upgrading your lock is like building a Maginot Line. Fortifying one means of entry without concern for how easy it is to bypass is false security.

My current lock is a Schlage deadbolt (bought from Apigy for the original Lockitron, since I wanted the tapered lock), just as you mention, and opening it with a set of lockpicks takes as long as that kevo video took. But anybody who wants in could just break a window. So by my estimation, the money spent upgrading my lock is better spent on a little property insurance. Every front door lock provides the same security at my place - the level of security provided by a window pane. Which is to say, it stops casual cruisers, but if anybody (no matter what my deadbolt is) decided to target me, they’d steal my stuff, and I’ll be glad I have insurance.

I don’t want to buy the kevo, either way, because I don’t like that it advertises itself as a smart lock. I like the anonymity of a normal deadbolt cylinder. To me, that’s more of a security liability than the ease of defeating the lock itself.

Also, cheers on your fine decorum.


@cameron, any update on Amazon shipping accepting international shipments to Canada? If not, what is your projected timeline for processing international shipments?

  • Josh


@josh.stuckey we are going to start testing Canada shipments; this should be enabled for us now but last time we attempted we were rejected. Unfortunately we’re still working on shipments to the rest of the world, but hopefully we can start getting some out to Canada.


@cameron, thanks for your response I’m happy to hear you’re going to try again for international shipments. Are you going to be trying this again this week? What is the shipping timeline?

I think I can speak for everyone here who is still waiting…we are really excited and after several years of waiting, just want to have our Lockitrons so we can finally start using this wonderful product.


@cameron So it’s now been over 2 months since your last real update/blog post and my order status is the same. Can we get some updates what’s going on over there?


@jsu1972 yes, need to pull out of code for half a day to document but here is the abbreviated version:

  1. Bunch of Bridges and Bolts went out over the past three weeks; we’re now most of the way through 2012 orders with Bridge (yeah, it’s a long time ago but keep in mind that was the bulk of them)

  2. We have a significant iOS Sense bug we’re working on resolving (it’s not triggering for a number of folks)

  3. We have an incremental firmware update that was released which resolves an issue with low battery not being reported but needs some further patching. Battery % is now being reported on the dashboard settings page and will be in the app soon.

  4. We have an even bigger firmware update coming in anticipation of Keypad which includes a number of feature upgrades

  5. The next versions of the app will include some big new functionality - saving that for the update :slight_smile:



Can you check the status of my order?
It was placed October 30, 2012 at 03:04 PM PST.
My dashboard is still saying “Your Lockitron’s components are complete. It’s currently awaiting color finishing or final assembly.”

I had originally made the purchase with a different email address. That account’s dashboard is showing my place in line as 2591, although I know that is not accurate anymore.


@Bob what finish do you have selected? My guess is that is holding you up.



It is Quicksilver.


@Bob are you outside of the U.S.?


@cameron Nope, I’m in Kentucky.


@Bob then you should be soon. Very soon, in fact. We’re most of the way through Octobers. If you PM me your order number I can see where you are. The message on your dashboard might be dated; in your case it should indicate that it’s awaiting Bridge.


Any updates? Haven’t received a formal email update in what seems like a few months…

Edit: I’m one of the Canadian’s with Bridge in Quicksilver.


@cameron, any shipping updates for those in Canada waiting for Bolt with Bridge, Quicksilver?

My status says: **Your Lockitron’s components are complete. It’s currently awaiting color finishing or final assembly.

It has been this status for several months…is there any update with my order specifically?


I just got my Sesame smart lock that I’ve thrown on my back door, works well! I’m hoping my future bolt is just as good, if not better(keypad and sense are pretty awesome ideas that the sesame doesn’t have, although it does have this weird knock on your phone feature). I was a pre-orderer that ordered back in January, and I fully realize I’m much closer to the end of the line and am fine with waiting. Just wondering what the most updated rough time table is for people in my position? I’m assuming a few more months still, because I’m a quicksilver with bridge order. On dashboard it says the same as the guy above, awaiting color or final assembly. Again, no rush, just wondering where you guys are at in the cue and such, hope it’s all going well @cameron =).


Hi there, just curious the lickitron website says ships in 1- 2 weeks, 8- 10 weeks with bridge, soooo Ive been waiting for over 2 years, now you’re telling everyone your order # or place in line means nothing, should I be abandoning my original order and reorder in the hopes that the aforementioned wait times listed on your websites are accurate? Or are you handing out false promises to a whole new generation of hopeful lickitron users?


I don’t know that much about how they are fulfilling orders, but I’m assuming they meant that you can’t go off of place in line because of the many different shipping possibilities, such as if you live in the united states, or elsewhere, or if you got the quicksilver or gold color, or if you got it with bridge or not. Most crowdfunded companies have to factor in all these different questions, which make your specific order number completely useless to a point. I highly doubt re-ordering would make it come any faster, unless you were getting a bolt with bridge originally, and instead went for without bridge.


@Trev339 no, we are shipping to eldest backers first. Most of Oct. 2012 domestic is done.


Well this will probably be my last posting though I’ll continue to lurk to see how things turn out for Lockitron. I took my refund and purchased a Schlage Connect Keypad lock in brass from GoKeyless; it installed perfectly and since I have 6v DC already in the door I was able to eliminate the battery issue. Also since I have Wink sensors monitoring our greenhouse/sunroom I’m using its hub to link the schlage to the WEB, so now I can sit in any Starbucks on the planet and control my lock…what fun.