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since comments that aren’t deemed constructive are deleted yet nothing happens on the business end, is there anyway that we can return the half order of a device and get a refund? has anyone had success taking this up with their credit card company?

If they can supply Target prior to backers than it’s not a funding or start up problem, its a priorities issue.


@Ajay_Mehta I’ve processed a refund for you for Bridge and followed up via email. We’re still working on the new variant of Bridge which has a few advantages over the current gen.


So pretty much the same place you said you were over a year ago, the last time your blog was updated?
If the locks are any indication we are looking at perhaps an ETA of two more years then?


@cameron I am with @Rattay780 on this…if we look at the pattern here it will be two more years before we get the bridges. By then, there will be 10 different products with similar features (maybe even better). I ordered a Lockitron years ago when it was ahead of it’s times…now it’s falling behind and there are products on hardware store shelves which would offer me the functionalities promised by Lockitron. Instead I have a half product. I am all for supporting start up business but come on now…give a dog a bone…


So I guess my question/comment does not even warrant a reply. Really?!?


@cameron since you’re in good spirit of refunding… I’m in, please issue a refund for my bridge, got the lock last year but been waiting for 5+ years for the bridge… I don’t want to wait for a new variant of the bridge so I guess I’ll pass on the new variant of the bridge… so please issue a refund.




@Hugh_Le processed.

When I have a better indication on Bridge availability, I’ll follow up here.


I must admit…I am in awe of this situation. I keep reading about people having success, issues, etc with their bridge. WHY can’t I get mine shipped? Years I have been waiting…


@cameron Hi!, so noticing you reply to people requesting a refund but still no answers to the constant requests on updates about where our bridges are at? Any updates @cameron? Are bridges shipping soon?


Hi, @cameron, screw it. I would like a refund for my bridge please.


I have written support a few times, and on this board…only to be told something was just being readied and bridges would be shipped soon, though no eta could be given. Replies essentially the same but given month…years apart. I would like a refund please. This has gone on for years now. Thanks for half the product I ordered 4 years ago.


I am asking for the refund for some time now. Please refund the Bridge from Order #101833310.


@Ludek just processed, you should see it in 5-10 days.


Any bridge shipping updates?


Just curious. Any updates on bridge shipments?


@cameron wondering if you have any news on updates about bridges being shipped?


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@cameron wondering if you have any news on updates about bridges being shipped?


@cameron wondering if you have any news on updates about bridges being shipped?


Wanting to order a bride but waiting for news on updated bridge v2. Do we have any updates???