Bridge - Shipping Updates


I went back to the store and it was gone so I bought mine from target online and had it shipped to me in like 2 days. But I’m not an early adopter or anything.


Any update for Bridge? Anyone heard anything?


So…still waiting on 2 Bridge for my 2 Lockitron Bolt. The Bluetooth with my iPhone X works only after I try 5-10 times since it keeps telling me it can’t connect through the Bridge and that I should connect via Bluetooth. Something I cannot force it to do. Sometimes it does not work at all…

I thought the idea was for this to simplify life not make it harder…

This needs to be resolved or I will request a refund and start a campaign to inform people not to ever purchase anything from Lockitron.


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I was told 2 months ago, “The modified Bridge is still in the works and are expected to be available within a couple of weeks”. I’ve heard nothing since.

There hasn’t even been a blog post in 11 months. Can someone please give us an update?