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Whats supposed to happen when you click “calibrate location” in settings. I have reflashed my bluetooth and ensured that it is connected, but when i click on the calibrate button it just loads indefinitely saying “calibrating location”. Whats up with that? I have a feeling Sense isn’t going to work. :-/

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At last check you were using an iPhone 4S. Is this still correct?

Calibrate Location on the iOS app will set the Lockitron Sense “wake up” area to where you are at the precise moment.

For example, when I set Calibrate Location, I was standing about 1.5 m/5 ft away from my door. It was a feature added to help lineup when the Lockitron app should start looking for a lock, as opposed to just using the street address.

When using it, your phone/device must be able to get a good, reliable fix on your location - usually this means having Wi-Fi on as well, as that assists with iOS Location Services. To see the end result, use the App menu to go to any other page (like Account), then go back to the lock. The dot on the map should be right above your house.

(As an interesting side note, this feature was actually added at my suggestion - I live in a townhouse complex, and the street address doesn’t match up with where my unit number is located. This allowed me to have Sense activate properly, instead of running too early and turning off by the time I got to my door.)


Yes, I’m still on the 4S. Thanks for the explanation of the feature. With that, I checked my location services and found lockitron wasn’t set to have access to where I was. It quickly set my home address when I clicked on it after allowing that permission. Just to clarify, even though it set my address, it will only detect/ active sense if I’m as close as I was when I calibrated it, correct? (I was a few feet away) Not just anywhere at my address.


This is more or less correct, that is to say, you have now given the app the area in which the door is, but that’s not exactly “where” Sense will activate.

It still uses the iOS Location Services - Significant Change feature to ready itself, then the precise location on when to “listen”.

Still, calibrating location is wise to do. As Martha Stewart would say, "It’s a good thing."™

As a very simplified example, you leave home, and go somewhere greater than 1km away. The Lockitron app tells the operating system “Let me know when I come back within range of ‘home’, which is < coordinates >.”

As you come home, and get within 500m of your calibrated location. iOS tells the Lockitron app, "We’re within the area of your requested location. Would you like to do anything?"
The Lockitron app responds by asking for permission, "May I temporarily run in the background and have access to Bluetooth?"
iOS complies with the request, but enforces a limit: “You have 10s to complete your operation. If needed, you can ask for more time, up to a maximum of 10 minutes.”

At this point the Lockitron app starts listening for the lock. When it is within range (typically 5-15 feet depending on model and door type), it will check which version of Sense you have turned on (Notifications, Tap To Unlock, Proximity), and activate the appropriate action.

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Well, that is quite the good explanation of how it works. Thanks mate. Well I’ll just go ahead and keep an eye on it and see if it seems to be working or not. Thanks for your help :grin: