Handedness Flipping


@ged yes, same handedness (lock is on the left side of the door as viewed from the interior). I assume you have tried reprogramming the firmware?

@cameron I have in the past, but it doesn’t help. Maybe my unit has some problem with its memory, we know the BT stuff is all corrupted… or maybe the problem has something to do with the locking and unlocking distance needed being unequal (unlock must be set further then lock)… The android app hits me with a “Error: Oops! Something went wrong.” message just about everytime I toggle the lock (even though the Lockitron seems to do the requested command)… I just don’t know…

I was able to get the Lockitron back into service for now by removing it and reinstalling it, I probably could have just reset the lock to all the way open without the full re-enroll (as the last step before putting the plate on says to do), but I couldn’t remember what I did to work around it last time…


@ged a memory corruption might explain the “jam” behavior (that or a failed switch). Typically, however, reflashing the firmware resolves it unless the microprocessor is now damaged.


Okay, I reflashed it again…

More on the “Oops! Something went wrong.” message from Android. When I send a command from Android, the Lockitron processes the command twice (I hear it do the lock operation and then again a about 2 seconds later)… After the duplicate, android throws the error. The Android also shows me having requested the operation twice in the log. iOS does not exhibit this problem.