Keyless locking when leaving



I just received my new lockitron bolt, and can’t figure out how to lock when leaving. The two options that don’t work, imo, are using my keys (why have a smart lock?) or taking out my phone and opening the app (more inconvenient than using keys).

The sense feature allows covers the other case – unlock when arriving – but that’s only half the story for a useful auto-lock.

For example, with new automatic car locks, there is often a button you can press on the outside of the lock when exiting to lock it, so that you don’t have to remove your keys. Is there anything similar on the lockitron? Perhaps the ability to program it so that I can tap the lock itself from the outside to trigger the bolt to lock? Tapping on my phone would be a decent solution too… But I don’t see any documentation that either of these is supported. Please let me know what the best option is…



I also wish there was an easier way to lock when leaving, and there will be a way later. The bolt keypad will allow you to lock by the outside keypad i believe. Not much has been said other than the announcement of its existence. We just gotta wait and see.
Also, they did make a widget for the homescreen on android, a simple double tap… but pulling out my phone, unlocking it and swipping to the widget is just and annoying as taking the keys out of my pocket.
The keypad will definitely be the answer to our prayers.


We have some auto lock functionality on the roadmap (without Keypad). Nothing more on this at the moment.


Although I’m sure with software updates that it will in the future, going keyless isn’t exactly about being faster, it’s about condensing what you carry and making it easier. Thinking about it though, how much longer really is it to pull out your phone(unlocking it with your finger print, which is quick), open up the app and lock? If you are worried about time, put it on your main homescreen, maybe in a folder or something.

@cameron I do have a question that if you guys will be including a android widget that will allow you to lock or unlock it just by tapping the widget? I don’t know how possible this is or if it’s even secure, but the option would be totally awesome!!!


a widget is already in the works for android. Security on a widget is yours to control. i have a lock pattern on my phone.


I mean of course, I was just talking about in the background, if there were some kind of unknown security issues with widgets on android, I’m not too familiar with the coding aspects. Sounds great though, I love my widgets, and this one would get used quite frequently.


Thinking about it though, how much longer really is it to pull out your phone(unlocking it with your finger print, which is quick), open up the app and lock?

The answer is: quite a bit. Or rather, for people who care about this kind of stuff enough to buy an automatic lock in the first place, it’s the kind of small optimization that matters. Your question is equivalent to: Is it really that hard to pull your keys out of your pocket, put them in the lock, and turn it? In an absolute way, no ofc that’s not hard. In a relative way, that is inconvenient compared to just walking up to my door and having it open as I approach.


Am surprised you even have a lock in the first place , i ordered and prepaid my lock Nov 2012 and still don’t have one


But does it really matter that much if there’s going to be a future updates that does these things you want? Is it really that hard to do something that probably takes an equivalent amount of time to do for the time being? You knew what you are buying into, doesn’t matter how long this company has been around. This is a small business with extremely new hardware, did you expect full fledged functionality of of the box? There are some major big time manufacturers who can’t get their shit together with products regularly dude.

I just feel like what you are complaining about is pretty useless given the situation you have. You didn’t just buy a refined over decades $20,000 new car, you bought a relatively cheap brand new to the lady 5 years smart lock, give it time and I’m sure this thing will be amazing. If it isn’t, then you backed the wrong crowd funded project.


I just saw another thread on pressy, and had an idea: Is there a similar kind of “button” that could be placed on the outside of my door. All it would need to do is, using my home home wifi, call a specific URL. I could configure that URL to send a “lock signal” to lockitron using the lockitrong API.

Does such a home automation pretty-like button product exist?


@jonah This can be done, but it requires Bridge.
It is essentially the Wi-Fi to Bluetooth gateway for your lock, and the API can’t interact with your lock without it.

I can look at putting together a tutorial for something like that with Bridge if others are interested.


Reading the FAQ, I’m thinking even with bridge is this is a no go, because remote locking / unlocking can take several minutes when Lockitron is asleep. You’d need the button to trigger the lockitron app itself to send the lock signal, but that’s not possile afaict.


@Jonah where did you see that FAQ? Need to clarify: we learned our lesson from the crowdfunded Lockitron and Bridge is fast; typically 2-5 seconds fast.


It was in the API docs, actually:


@Jonah thanks! Need to update that to clarify re Bolt/Crowdfunded/v1.


I bought a used Crowdfunded Lockitron, and I was treated very well by the company in a timely manner. Although this is an anecdotal case, I feel that Lockitron will meet or exceed all clients’ demands. To add to the discussion, I wrote an ifttt “app” that should lock the door after leaving the house using iPhone’s (Android’s) channel and Lockitron’s channel. It checked out, but later proved to be paused?


Any Updates on this functionality? Auto Lock can be implemented very easily with a countdown timer after unlock. I bought Lockitron Bolt for expressly this purpose, to have the door automatically unlock when I get near it, and lock when I leave (proximity based). If proximity is too hard to implement, my suggestion is a countdown to lock timer. Really you need a door open/closed switch to do this the right way (auto lock on close) or only auto lock when switch (door) is fully - closed. Nevertheless, a countdown timer would suffice, at least for myself. Some basic functionality > no functionality.


I agree with RonGonz The its call a smart lock for a reason right? I really want to like the lock but right now it more of a hassle than smart. I have to take out my phone, wait for the app to load and then I can unlock. Proximity unlock still feels hit or miss. A count down timer to lock would seem like a easy to implement feature and useful because I tend to forget to lock my door :stuck_out_tongue:


Do you guys still have speed issues?

I’m using Bolt+Bridge with iPhone. With the Notification Center widget, pulling up Lockitron to lock the lock takes 2 sec with a swipe down from the home screen. Using Siri (with nfarina/homebridge) also seems to work with less than a 10 sec delay.

Not sure if there’s a similar notification center widget for Android but maybe that’s what you guys really need?


Any updates on this feature? I have another smart lock that can be set to auto lock 2, 4, 10 minutes after unlocking.