LEDs on Bolt and Bridge


Can we get an explanation on what the LEDs mean on Bolt and Bridge. I have noticed that they can be a different color. I also noticed a LED on Bolt that I didn’t know existed. I assume that they mean something.

I didn’t see anything in the manual or on the support portion of the site.


Hey there. I don’t work for Lockitron, but I can share what I know. It’s not 100%.

Bridge LED Behaviour:
Green (blinking): Powering on, connecting to network.
Blue (on): Bluetooth connection open with Lockitron

Bolt LED Behaviour:
Green (on for 5s): Power on
Blue (on): Connected to Bridge or App via Bluetooth
Blue (blinking): Updating firmware


@Bob - good feedback; @anthonylavado has some great info here. One more case:

Bridge Blue LED Blinking: searching for a Lockitron to connect to

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