Lockitron and home automation


Looking to integrate lockitron into home automation systems like Revolv, SmartThings, Z-Wave, etc. Any plans for this?


The API is super easy to get started on. I’d recommend doing integration yourself as there are a million different home automation systems out there.

What exactly are you trying to do?


Hi Kurtis,
I’m looking to integrate this with SmartThings home automation. Basically have the ability to lock the door from my SmartThings app instead of having to go to two places. How do i get started with the API?


@Naris_Vipatapat take a look at https://api.lockitron.com/ - the main thing that is undocumented thus far is webhooks, however, you shouldn’t need that to control Lockitron from Smartthings.


Has anyone had any success integrating with SmartThings or another home automation controller?


lockitron hopefully will discover WinkApp.com. it’s a universal smart home app with an open API to where every smart device can be universally combined and controller via ONE APP. everything works together seamlessly on there. they need to join the family.