Lockitron bolt unlocking while far away


Hey, guys

I’m perplexed my wife’s Lockitron App is the only one with a sense unlock for her convenience. I shut mine off completely and just use a key.

Anyway, she keeps getting notification through her app that Lockitron is unlocked while she is at work. So she locks it back. She is so annoyed and obviously dangerous that our home is remotely unlocked by the app by itself.

I had her check multiple times it happened and when I launch my app, true enough it also shows me the door is unlocked.

Can you guys address this issue please and why it happens. This is not a good app interaction if it thinks she’s near, but she isn’t.


@oneframe we think this is a state issue with Bridge; i.e. Bridge isn’t picking up the fact that the door is actually locked and as such the notification is incorrect. A couple of questions:

  • Have you actually been at the door to see it’s unlocked?
  • Is your wife on iOS or Android?


Lately we have both been at work. Awhile back when it was happening while we were both home, the Bolt would unlock late in the evening a few hours after we have already been home. I heard it at least twice unlock while we were home so I assume it was the same case.

We are both on the latest iOS version. On her app, she doesn’t have the calibrate location though. Do you know how to make it appear on the app?


@oneframe ok, what is the Sense radius that is set up in both of your apps?

Calibrate location only needs to be done by the owner as it’s then shared with all the other users.


I’m using the default 500 meters. What distance should I be experimenting at to remove the delay?

Also now the sense doesn’t work in her app. She walks up to it and it hasn’t been automatically opening. Nothing has changed in her phone settings. She’s still giving Lockitron app access even when closed and with location always active.


@oneframe does her app work fine in the foreground to lock and unlock?

I recommend upping the default to 1,000+ meters.


Yes, it works. Just tested it.

How does the distance work again? The farther the distance the less it checks or the more it checks?


@oneframe the further the distance, the further away from home you need to go to reset Sense (and decreased likelihood it will trigger on its own).

We’re still gathering data on the geofences, but they can trigger while you are at home even if you haven’t left which causes the issue. Typically leaving WiFi off and poor cellular signal are the big causes for this.

Any idea if your wife keeps WiFi on or not?


I’ll adjust to 1,000m and report tomorrow. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are always on.


@oneframe One important note just as you test - If the phone is plugged in, then Sense will not fire to unlock the door.

I discovered this as I sometimes plug my phone in to the car to charge, and Sense debugging showed that it would not send the unlock command in that case.

@cameron - I don’t recall if I mentioned this before, but it’s probably a good note for the help docs. My wife has her phone plugged in through USB for audio in the car (more reliable connection, also charges), and thus Sense doesn’t kick off for her.


@anthonylavado good tip, we should add that to the help docs. Ideally it should wait a moment to see if you unplug your phone and retry, but it doesn’t currently have that behavior.


Hey, guys…thanks for chiming in. Definitely no USB charger while on the road. Wife just walks to work. Doesn’t need to re-charge her phone and will last all day. Benefit of living and working downtown.

Come to think of it, her work place is just possibly 1,000m give or take. What distance setting should I be using to properly control Sense via Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi router I’m using at home is a Netgear Nighthawk X6 R8000 AC3200. Experienced no issues with this router at all. No need to re-set for all my other devices.


Looping back on this issue. It appears that what cameron said is correct: the door is locked, but the notification is incorrect and it still keeps on doing it a couple of times a week it’s getting to be irritating.

The compounding issues is that if we ignore the notification then Lockitron thinks it’s already unlocked so when you actually approach the door it will not attempt to unlock any longer, naturally.

So ignoring it is not an viable long-term option if we want the door to automatically unlocked as intended. While it’s also annoying to get the unlock notification and then lock it back.

Any insight and fix on this one? Thanks.


@oneframe I don’t think we ever confirmed, but it sounds like this is the state issue I mentioned regarding Bridge earlier. The new firmware should help with this; do you want to give the beta a shot?


@cameron, okay. you can put me in and I’ll force update the firmware once you confirm. Hoping this is the fix. Thanks.


@oneframe your Lockitron is now selected for beta builds.


Thanks. Will provide feedback.


@cameron i left the house today and locked the door with my key. after I left the sense radius, I got a notification saying I left without locking the door. I opened the app, and it showed as unlocked. is it possible I’ve encountered a similar issue?


Yeah… looking at the online dashboard now, it’s showing as offline. Somethings up.


@jamesmeador yeah, that’s the Bridge not reporting status correctly. The beta lets Bridge pull this information correctly.