Multiple Unlocking events thrown


I have configured my lockitron to trigger my hue lights when I unlock my lock (via IFTTT).
During unlock this works great. The problem is when I lock my locks.

Whenever I open the lockitron app on iPhone (7 plus 10.2) both the lock and unlock icons are grey, then locked icon turns red, and in an instant unlock icon turns green, and unlock icon goes back to grey. At this time I haven’t interacted with the app and I get a trigger alert from IFTTT that my lock has been unlocked.

I close the app, open it again and the same thing happens as above. The same happens when the widget is refreshed. As soon as the widget refreshes (without interacting with it) unlock even is triggered.

Even though I have bridge, but all connections to lockitron were made using Bluetooth


@imran does this occur when loading the Widget or opening the app? We’re about to release a fix for this occurring with the Widget but I will need to debug further to see if about this occurring via the main app.


It was happening with the widget, so I removed it. The error I reported is with the main app.

Let me test again and I will write back.


Yup, happened again. Right now my lockitron is unlocked. I opened the app it was green then went to red and back to green again, triggering an unlock.

Firmware is on 1479336801


@imran ok, the Widget fix in the app will help there, but I suspect what you’re seeing is a firmware bug (not due to the beta) that we’re looking into.


Any updates on app and/or firmware?


@imran what version of the app are you on?