Refund Questions


Good morning,

I’ll skip a rant and just simply ask for a refund. Will someone please let me know how to go about getting a refund on my order? It’s been waiting for close to three years now and would like to get my money back.



@cameron I requested my cancellation more than 2 months ago now. I continue emailing “support” and my last response from them was Oct 22, and even then they were still trying to get me to take the order instead of my cancellation. I have responded a few times since then with no response. I have still not received the product even though the promised ship date has come and gone again.

I want my refund. I no longer want to support a company that continues to miss lead new customers with false advertising of delivery dates on their site, and a company that can’t respond to their customers compliants in a timely manner. I just want my promised refund so we can both part ways. Can you let me do that?


@techoguy @edstranks see above, quoted here. I’ll make a note with folks to follow up on your ticket.


@Cameron again, i will remind you that when the order was placed it said we can cancel anytime before shipment so your statement quoted above if held true means we were again sold on false statements. I requested my cancellation 2 months ago. Supposedly I should have my Bold+bridge by now as well based on statements before and yet I still don’t have it when my order was placed back in 2012 and I have not received any acknowledgement that my refund will be processed. I have not received any notification of shipment or anything like that.

Please process my refund now per the original agreement.


@cameron when will backorder shipments be completed? By what date?


@techoguy see; domestic orders are what’s relevant for you since that’s where we’ve accidentally shipped “cancelled” orders and can’t do so going forward.


@Cameron So i have to wait another 2 months to get my refund, 4 months total because you’re afraid you’ll ship me a lock even after my order has been canceled?

So what happens if you don’t ship them all in December and another problem is found or there’s another delay? Do we have to just continue waiting?


@techoguy we’ve left a massively reasonable amount of time for folks to cancel their orders if they like. Now that the capital is being spent for all the remaining units in one shot, we’re past a reasonable window. We’ve been noting this for 2012 orders for the last few months as we’ve already shipped some by accident to users who cancelled at the last minute. Unfortunately that isn’t sustainable for us.


@cameron Could you please follow up with my refund request ? Sent email to support but got no rely.


So when will international pre-order Bolts with Bridge will be fulfill ?
When I asked for refund, your support tell me that my money already get funded for the production of my Lockitron and "all remaining Lockitrons for pre-order backers will are nearing completion and are expected to leave our factory in the next 4-6 weeks."
But according to your answer, you only ship Bolts without Bridge for domestic buyers and obviously it’s no way you could fulfill all Bridge for those orders within a month or even two.
Could you tell me when I will receive my product ? If not, I want to my refund. I buy your product because your website told me that I will receive it in “8-10 weeks” and It’s almost a year and you still cannot give me a delivery date ?
So, please provide a properly delivery date for my Bolts with Bridge or return my money. “funded for the production” just an execute, we both know that.


@cameron can I get a refund on an international order? I can’t really wait any longer.


@cameron any update on my question ? I saw you bring my reply here for awhile but I got no response from you or support :slight_smile:


@hunterbmt I see support replied to the last email; that’s the best place for refund questions.


After waiting for over 3 1/2 years I finally lost all hopes of ever seeing my unit.

Just sent
an email to hopefully i’ll hear back a bit faster for the order cancellation than for the order.

Impatient to ear from the Lockitron crew.

Thanks much & have a great weekend all.


thats a real shame rocque, they just got a huge amount from their manufacturer… ive got mine and i really love it!


I too have been waiting over three years. I emailed support for a refund and was told

We really apologize for the delay. As previously noted, we have already allocated the funds to produce your unit - please see our full details on how we work to process refunds where possible at

I was really expecting the company to have a more friendly return policy!



Order #101753167
BBB Complaint ID# 511349

Your bullshit portal estimated a ship date of 12/12 to 12/14 with a delivery time of 3-10 day. Where the fuck is the box? How am I supposed to track the status if the dashboard and your emails don’t provide tracking information? If you actually listened to my previous requests for a refund and didn’t ship it, when will I receive it?


I’ve been emailing about once a week for the last 8-9 weeks with no response. The emails are being read as my email client tracks opens yet I’ve received no responses. I’m looking for some kind of response about my refund. The last response I did receive asked for my address to send a shipping label to which I provided. I’ve received no label in the mail. My order was canceled in the dahsboard and I recieved 1 of 2 units. The one unit wasn’t supposed to be sent to me.

I’m looking for a specific response to know when I’ll receive my refund and how I’ll receive that refund
I’m looking to know when I’ll receive the return label to return the unit that was sent to me by mistake as well.

My current situation and timeline:

  • 9/10/2013 Original order placed for 2 units with a promise date by early 2014
  • 9/10/2013 received email confirmation with a statement that says I can cancel my order up until order has shipped
  • 8/28/2016 still no products received
  • 8/29/2016 requested refund
  • lockitron refuses to refund order until all backorders are fulfilled with no expected due date
  • many emails with aldwin with no resolution
  • 11/30/2016 receive email with tracking number for 1 of 2 units that shouldn’t have been shipped
  • 11/30/2016 emailed support with tracking number to have them revert order back to them.
  • 12/1/2016 receive 1 of 2 units (have no idea if bridge is included) have not opened
  • 12/2/2016 request return label and refund
  • 12/4/2016 last response from Aldwin requesting my address for them to send a return label to
  • 12/4/2016 address sent, no response
  • 12/6/2016 Dashboard finally shows that my orders have been canceled
  • sent about 9 emails with no responses over 8 weeks
  • 2/4/2017 still have 1 unit that needs to be sent back
  • 2/4/2017 still no refund, yet my order has been canceled

Refund amount : $298


Now that’s a customer horror story if I’ve ever heard one. I know production/development times have always been lengthy to say the least and customer service rather unresponsive at times but it sounds like things have gotten worse, not better since the initial crowdfunded model was rolled out.

Sadly, after hardwiring my own model my experience hasn’t been too bad. It’s definitely buggy but overall it’s not a bad product. It’s really a shame production can’t keep up. Maybe they bit off more than they can chew with switching gears to the bolt so soon rather than fixing the crowdfunded model? Hmm… who knows. Regardless,I hope you get your refund! Good luck!


my topic was merged into this long thread but still no response, not even a
"we’ll look into it"?