Refund Questions


@cameron Got it. I’ll get it sent out as soon as possible. Thanks again.


@cameron I sent email to support as you recommended (June 5th), but did not get any response. :disappointed:


@Ludek I confirmed that the credit card processor issued the refund; I have followed up via email, however, it looks like we need to wait for the refund confirmation number from the processor so that you can track it.


Hi Cameron,

I’ve been communicating with Aldwin Balanguy and he told me to buy the bridge from Target. He said I would be refunded for the bridge to my Paypal and asked for my email address. Honestly I just want the bridge. I was waiting for the refund and Target no longer sells them. My Order #102082688 . Since this was a gift for someone, I never realized he didn’t receive the bridge until he discussed how much he liked the lock, but wish he had the bridge.


I have emailed support and await instruction on the processing of the refund. I am so disappointed in this, if you could only be straightforward and tell us what happened with the non delivery of Bridges…

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SO…here’s a quote from the last email I received from support on the refund:
“Apologies for the delay in getting back to you. As it turns out, we are unable to confirm a definite date on when your refund will be completed but, we are working on it and we will notify you once it has been processed.”

No definite date? I don’t know whether to laugh or cry but why am I not surprised? I am not getting my money back…am I?


@bn2kool4u I just followed up via support and processed these.