Shipping Updates


Hey gang not for nothing, but just pointing out the obvious. There clearly has been less than 1,000 units shipped to date with all of the production bugs and delays. Even if these guys are able to get an additional 1,000 units out over the month time period stated in there last update thats 2k units out the door and potentially another 1k per month after that. The funding number on the website was at what 2.279million/$179 = 12,731 units reserved. Im not sure who on here has the earliest purchase dates, but im willing to wager (bought 1st half of 2012 1-3 more months) if you (bought second half of 2012 3-6 more months) (first half of 2013 6-12 more months) etc.


here’s to hoping production scales exponentially…tho my hopes are low right now :(…by the way I reserved a august lock, whichever comes first im going to keep, and the other im returning…


Well they said before Chinese New Yr which is Jan 31st. so I hope I’ll get mine by then…keeping my fingers crossed.


dont count on it right now


am i to understand that not even preorders are out yet. suppose i would order today that would mean shipping in what 30d, 60d, 90d+. sorry for not reading the whole thread but i have read these sort of things to much lately. thanks


according to what i was told by their customer service, there is a 12-15 week order backlog from the time your order was “supposed to ship”…so, for me, my shipping estimate was oct 20-27th, and i was told to expect mine in feb…


Do you mean this collectively, or individually? I.e., Will DoorBot bundled orders ship in the order they were processed, or will DoorBot simply receive a bulk quantity and manage distribution themselves? Where can backers who bundled with DoorBot see their estimated shipping date?


I ordered mine on October 2, 2012 at 9:12am and still haven’t gotten it. My backer number was around 127 I think.


Any update from Lockitron before the holiday?


When should we see shipping estimates updated for our orders. Just curious if i’ll be in this 10,000 unit shipment, or if I will have to wait longer. Thank you.


I feel like we’ve gotten a little off topic… Looking forward to the next Lockitron update.


So where is this update?


I find it quite peculiar that after placing an order on Dec 15, I was given a shipping estimate of Dec 17-24, even with all the shipping delays. It seems whatever algorithm spits out the shipping estimate is completely unplugged from the real world situation, which likely just compounds people’s frustrations.

Hopefully the Android BTLE development won’t see similar delays.


jk0, you are being very gullible - which is what got u in this predicament in the first instance.

Did they mention which year???

"Stay tuned for our next update on December 26th. Keep an eye out for interim updates on our blog at"


I originally placed my order on October 17, 2012. More than a year now of waiting and ready to place my bet on a new product which is better designed for about the same price:


Seriously, these guys are ridiculous! Breaking promises after promises! Where’s the blog update for yesterday?? It’ll only probably take 10~15 mins of their time to write since nothing much to update anyway. They probably didn’t resume the shipping either when they said they will because they didn’t even push the update for the app yet (also said they were going to) that uses the BLE. “Here use the wifi only now and wait for X amount to unlock it, we will update the app with BLE very soon.” I don’t think so. And what’s the point of this community forum when you don’t answer us and just leave us hanging. Yea it seems like we posted a lot but basically we are asking the same question. If you would answer correctly and keep us updated, it wouldn’t have 100+ posts under the same topic. Lastly, what happen to my silver faceplate, you also said that you will have them all long ago. So you just stop the production because of this? You think you won’t be able to finish Lockitron too or what? I don’t think they have much conflict. If you ship me the faceplate at least I have something in hand instead of nothing. O never mind I do have something from you, a lot of broken promises!!!


The missed update was the last straw for me.


Did anyone get an update last week? Or for that matter a Lockitron since the last update? Their goal was “to ship an additional 1,000 units before the end of the year.”


Do you really have to ask?


Yeah this is kind of stupid. If no new lockitrons have shipped by the end of the year I am probably going to cancel my pre-order.