Shipping Updates


@danmorton88 sorry for that. We thought we had enough for your batch, ran low on units and didn’t ship. Very poor performance on our end. All previous batches went out within a week, however, we overestimated our remaining unit stock when we queued these last units.

We sent off this batch of orders to fulfillment today in anticipation of these units being ready as some are in assembly and final packaging. The rest will be by the end of the week. For the next batch of units we have circuit boards which are being completed tomorrow and Friday - it usually takes about 3 days for circuit boards to be installed.


@cameron Thanks for the Reply! :smile:

So what exactly does that mean for those of us that got our ready to ship emails and not shipment? My backer # is 8510. Am I sent off to fulfillment today? or in the next batch of units?



@danmorton88 your order has been sent over to fulfillment (today). We are tapping out units as the come off the lines - given your position in line (8510), your unit should definitively head out in the next few days.


@cameron Thanks for the update!
I am excited to give it a try.

Although I must admit, I am surprised that I will be receiving the iPhone 6 before I get my Lockitron…


My Place in Line is 7283, order placed on Oct 10, 2012 and payment paid on Oct 03, 2013. Why my Shipping Estimate is still in August 2014? and it still hasn’t been shipped?


That is weird. My backer number is 8510, order placed Oct 06, 2012. I wonder how you got such a low number.


Sorry! My order placed on Oct 5, 2012.


What’s the current rate of fulfillment? We can estimate roughly 400-600 units per week based upon this thread, but I’d rather hear something more official.

At that rate, with my place in line, I should not expect my unit for five more months.


It seems like they haven’t shipped anything for about a month…


An update here - this past week we’ve continuously had someone working at the factory to ensure units are ready. Hundreds of units are in production now to ship out Monday; will post with a follow up then as they head out.


I appreciate the update. Thank you.


@danmorton88 following up.

It sounds like a few hundred units were boxed today, however, I believe they won’t head out until tomorrow.


@cameron Thanks for the additional info. I have been hoping to see a Shipped email but will continue to cross my fingers for tomorrow.

Thank for the continued updating.


How about my order? Place in Line #7283, but the shipping estimate is still in Aug 2014.


Is it me, or does the Lockitron Blog fail to display the dates of each post?

For example, when was this headline posted?

“Shipment Updates, iOS App Release and Upcoming Bug Fixes”


jlaw at the bottom of the post it says how long ago it was posted. I just looked and the last post said “5 days ago”


I see no such date on the “Shipment Updates” post.

I only see “5 days ago” for the “Updating Lockitrons to Our New Bluetooth Protocol” post.


That is part of the same blog post. All the blog posts are separated by a horizontal line


@cameron do you have a order number that you are up to? Very excited, I think posting the last order number that went out would calm people down.


I’ll ask again, because an answer does not seem to have been forthcoming:

At what rate are units being shipped to customers at this time? (pieces-per-week? pieces-per-month?) This ought not be a difficult question to answer.

What is the most recent order number to have been fulfilled? This question ought to be as simple as asking the people packing boxes what order number they filled at the end of the day.