Why was Bolt keypad developed before delivering Bolt?


I’m just curious,
Lockitron was sold to thousands as pre-orders with a delivery date and these people paying for a Lockitron upfront. But before that product could be fully developed and delivered (now going on 3 years waiting) the Bolt Keypad was developed. Why is the company taking time and money to develop new products when the original product hasn’t even been successfully delivered and continues to miss delivery dates? Wouldn’t it make sense to use all your resources to get back on track and deliver a product that was promised?


@techoguy we aren’t shipping Bolt Keypad, yet (by a long shot). Bolt hasn’t been in development for three years FYI. We started earnest development on Bolt in early 2015, shipped betas, shipped through many backer units and are now working through the backlog.

The main things taking time with Bolt operationally do not inhibit all the other things (i.e. improvements to Sense, new firmware, app updates), that are required for Keypad. The firmware and app developers can speed up the operations side of things.


@cameron thanks for the response. You say Bolt Keypad isn’t ready to ship
by a long shot yet your website says ready to ship early 2016 on the order
page. Of course I purchased a Lockitron 3 years ago with the web site
saying something similar and nearly three years later still no deliver. By
the way your web site also says Lockitrons will ship in two weeks. It’s
frustrating that you guys have that on the page to purchase yet customers
that have purchased have no ETA for delivery.

With that though, of course resources are used when developing another
product. Based on your description, money is used to pay engineers to
develop the keypad. That money could be used to have more production
resources in place to meet deliveries quicker and or test products quicker.


@techoguy we have units without Bridge that we can ship quickly; migration orders come with Bridge which has held things up.

Sorry, different product, different development cycle. Simply doesn’t work that way. Nor are resources equally fungible across development areas.


So why can’t all pre orders be shipped their bolts with the bridge shipped later when it’s available if bolts are so readily available? I can only assume because it’s mentioned in the FAQs that a bridge can be added later that the bridge can be shipped to pre orders later.


The reason they have given in the past is that they don’t have packaging to ship Bridge by itself. I can understand a separate shipment would also mean increased costs to an already tight budget, and having an option to pay even more to get Bolt and Bridge separately would not have made customers very happy. But it is very frustrating that Bolt+Bridge shipments have taken about 6 months longer than many were led to believe, and it seems like Bridge production issues, not packaging issues, have been the delay.