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8/18 Lockitron Update


Hi folks,

We’re waiting for photos from our factory tonight before sending out our update - if it doesn’t come in soon we’ll push to tomorrow (Edit: they’re coming in now, will have for tomorrow). We’re super pleased with some progress on Android and are working through the remaining operation hurdles for mass production which we’ll detail in the update.



You state two days ago that they are coming in you will have an update, yet we have heard nothing. Where is the update?? Where is the communication? This is beyond ridiculous at this point. I want a two week window when my working production unit will ship or I want a full refund.



The blog has been sent by email. I got it.



Thanks for the update! For the Android support, can you point me to an overview of what you’re planning? Will there be a way for third-parties to use your SDK without having to do the whole Oauth2 procedure? My company is planning an integration with our Android app, but if you are going to make it easier/different to control the locks via phone, we’d like to make sure we’re spending time implementing the latest & greatest!



@odbol we don’t have plans to release official iOS/Android SDKs at the moment. We’re evaluating how much interest there is for direct Bluetooth communication - this requires a lot more support on our end, so I recommend sticking with the web API for now. PM me if Bluetooth is something you need.

We don’t have any plans to drop or change the OAuth handshake in any cases - this is crucial in ensuring the user can trust what their Lockitron account is being used for.