Acquisiton, and what it means for the community

@kageurufu thank you! Since I’m no longer at the helm of Lockitron I can’t offer too many answers, but a few things I can probably clear up -

Knowing the Keypad is cancelled, orders are being refunded, and I’m assuming support for the Bolt and Bridge is essentially terminated.

Today users who were waiting on Lockitron orders - either full Lockitrons (i.e. those international backers who have been waiting a very lock time) or partial orders (remaining Bridges, Keypads) should have received an email offering either a refund or a Lockitron. There are no Bridges or Keypads in stock, so the only option offered there is a refund.

The email isn’t (by my understanding) meant to imply a termination in support for products in the field. There will be other communications in the near term which help to clear up Chamberlain’s direction with Lockitron products and support for them. I believe that the immediate intent is to first ensure that any outstanding order concerns are taken care of followed by information for existing users on where Lockitron is headed.

I would like to add that one of our primary goals in selling Lockitron was to provide some sort of continuity of service and support for existing users, acknowledging that Bolt is a product installed on a door and is not easily or immediately replaceable.

@cameron Thanks for following up on this.

The assumption of termination was a bad guess on my part it seems. I’m excited to see the future of Lockitron as part of myQ, I quite like my Bolt although I was looking forward to the keypad. I can only hope Chamberlain will provide an official update in the near future outlining a roadmap for their integration in that case. I appreciate everything your team has done for us until now.

I would still like an open source option, or a locally accessible API, but looks like i’ll keep waiting for that.

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Glad to see that Lockitron is still moving forward under different hands.

For those of us choosing a refund, who can we talk to if our 2012 payment method has changed, in order to receive a refund after filling out the email we got today?

Thanks for sticking with things @cameron , and good luck in your new venture(s).


I’m in the same position as @Peter_Ehm

I have changed banks since I originally purchased.

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i was never sent an email with information on my bridge that ive been waiting for a couple of years on…

I too have changed payment info since purchase 5 years ago. @cameron

@Peter_Ehm @shartcher @s.dewart I don’t anything about the company that Chamberlain selected to process refunds but from what I can tell the process is fully independent from our old payment process. As such I believe that all refunds will arrive in the form of a paper check, so a mailing address is necessary.

Thanks for the response.

For those that have been contacted. Can you confirm who the email comes from ? Want to make sure it’s not a phishing attempt

I received one from noreply@pmci.com to an old Lockitron test account, so I believe that’s what you should be looking for. We did not share the Lockitron mailing list with anyone prior to the acquisition, so the likelihood of a phishing attempt is low.

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Hi thanks for responding.

I just completed the refund process on the email I just recieved from pmci.com. It looks like i was asked for the mailing address during the refund process. Does this mean refund will be in the form of a check?

I just want to make sure payment won’t be refunded to a visa/mastercard I may no longer have; since it’s been a while since i placed the order. I would rather get a check or change the refund method through a portal.

any thoughts?

@bonym yes -

…from what I can tell the process is fully independent from our old payment process. As such I believe that all refunds will arrive in the form of a paper check, so a mailing address is necessary.

I worried about Lockitron and the possibility of an acquisition / shutdown close to 3 years ago. See here

Do we have any information about what Chamberlain plans to do with things like the APIs, and IFTTT support. They seem to charge a monthly fee for access to IFTTT and Google Home for their other products. I spent quite a bit of time messing with the API to get it working with SmartThings.

I am also assuming that @cameron doesn’t have much say in what Chamberlain is going to do with the installed user base.

I assume that since they are offering to ship Lockitrons instead of a refund they plan on continuing the product in one form or another. My concern is that since there aren’t bridges, they may discontinue support in the future (or start charging for it). Honestly the time I use Lockitron the most is when I am out and realize that I haven’t locked the door, or want to check to see if I remembered to lock it.

I haven’t received any email in regards to my pending orders. Support@lockitron.com hasn’t responded to my email from 3/24/19. Has someone received an update status from Chamberlain or how to contact them?

@Dani185 followed up via DM; give it some time, I know the folks on Chamberlain are working away on Lockitron questions.

Can you use the bridge still? I can’t lock/unlock over internet anymore :frowning:

I installed chamberlain app and then uninstalled when seemed clear just bluetooth. My bolt continued to work for a couple of days on reinstalled Lockitron app…but thhe stopped. There is a post about unlinking bolt from myq app ( i did not do that)…so maybe would have worked again with Lockitron app. Got an August lock…moved on.

I can only lock/unlock from the internet “sometimes”, but this is the way it has been long time. It is not related to moving to the Chamberlain App and back to the Lockitron App.

My “at home” fix is to manually move the bolt (lock/unlock) which will eventually wake up the Bridge via Bluetooth or… I power-cycle the Bridge (I can see the blue light begin to flash on the Bridge).
At all times (even when I cannot connect to the lock by WiFi) I can ping the Bridge on my LAN.
I’ve been through so many debugging scenarios I now believe that the issue is the connection from the Bridge to the Lockitron Cloud. All of my LAN connections look good/active.

It would be nice to have a hint from Chamberlain that they will address these issues.

you nor an email to chamberlain have worked, and i feel like im getting left out of a bridge that didnt come with one of my bolt orders. I was told that i would get a bridge once chips were received and now it seems because my bolt was shipped to me, that the fact that i was supposed to get a bridge as well is being forgotten.

@Jason_Silva Chamberlain is aware of all the Lockitron obligations they took on in the acquisition including outstanding Bridges; unfortunately I don’t have knowledge of their plans around those obligations apart from the refunds they have offered thus far through PMCI.