Acquisiton, and what it means for the community

@Jason_Silva Chamberlain is aware of all the Lockitron obligations they took on in the acquisition including outstanding Bridges; unfortunately I don’t have knowledge of their plans around those obligations apart from the refunds they have offered thus far through PMCI.

I received this email from MyQ today indicating the Smart Garage Hub Gen 3 is compatible with Lockitron and will act as a bridge to be able to control it from anywhere. I’m interested to see how this will piece together since I have the HomeBridge to control my garage door with Siri. Does this mean I may also have official voice control over my Lockitron too? We’ll have to see once the Smart Garage Hub arrives.

I’m curious what triggered them sending you that email for the free hub! Lucky you.
Were your Lockitrons paired with the myQ app? I’d love to receive this same email.

I did. I linked my Lockitron within MyQ. Not sure if that triggered it or if it was something else. Either way it’s very nice of them and I’m eager to give it a go.

Just in case I just paired one of my locks to the myQ app.

I emailed Chamberlain support to ask about the free gen 3 hub offer.
They replied back and said that all Lockitron bridge owners should have been emailed with info to receive the free hub.
I never got the email but they replied back with a link to enter in my address details.
If you did own a bridge definitely reach out to chamberlain support.