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Any Australian backers get one yet?


Hi guys,

anyone from Australia received a lockitron yet? I am roughly number 7000 in line and I get the update emails saying that they are well and truly past that figure, yet still nothing arrive in my mailbox :frowning:

Curious to know if any others have shown up down-under yet?


@sparker It looks like the payment didn’t go through - I’ve responded to your email.


Are you serious? How long would I have waited if I didn’t post a question? I didn’t update my payment details, i just clicked the process button (again)?

Anyway - thanks for the quick reply, I’ll let me friend know who ordered one to do the same as we are both sitting here waiting wondering why everyone else seems to have had there’s for a month or two.



@sparker You should be all set now.


Many thanks - have also let my friend know who has since got in touch with you also.

FYI for everyone else - if your still waiting and your order number is less than 10,000, you should probably email these guys!!!



I’ve been waiting over 8 months. Contacted them via email several times and they keep giving me the run around saying that their manufacturing line was broken down or there was some delay in the service department or that they’re out of stock or that they sent it to their shipping department but it was too expensive to send so they’re sourcing other methods to send to Australia. Sent in about 5 emails since they told me that it was still in the shipping department with no bloody replies. Honestly the worst company I’ve ever had to deal with. They need to get their shit together!


Took my money and ran they did!