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Battery status stuck at ZERO


Replaced battery last night because I got a notification battery was running low. Replaced with brand new AAs but status now shows 0%. I had re-started the bridge (in app) and manually but no help. Bridge connection was good and strong, just can’t get the battery status working again.


@Eggyacid what firmware version? It can sometimes take a bit of time for the battery level to sync.


firmware 1496963301, it’s been 4 days still shows 0%


@Eggyacid what brand of AA’s? Alkaline?


Duracell AA from local store…


@Eggyacid are you on the iOS beta app? We have a new sync button to force status updates.


Just got the new iOS beta app and sync button did the trick, now I can see battery status


Hi Cameron,
I’m having the same issue. How do I get the beta iOS app?


How do I get the beta iOS app?