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Beta - iOS App 3.5.10


For those folks on our iOS Beta, some release notes below. Typically we don’t post these in community, however, this is our first release in a while. It includes some additional diagnostics for Sense debugging.

  • Test Proximity Sense: Available under Location and Sense, users can bypass geofence requirements to trigger Proximity Sense.

  • RSSI Monitor: When Bluetooth Diagnostics are enabled, the signal strength of the selected lock is shown on the lock screen so users can see the bluetooth strength to their lock.

  • Sync: In the lock screen, users can trigger a sync action for settings, logs, and pin code requests to be processed.

  • Guest Pin Codes: If a Lockitron is Keypad enabled, users are now able to add their own pin codes for a lock.

Sense & Firmware 1496963301

For those looking for the “Test Proximity Sense” feature, note that it only becomes available if you enable Bluetooth diagnostics in the support section.

Sense & Firmware 1496963301

@cameron this is beta for the app? How do I get on that?


@Jczippy reach out to support@lockitron.com with the email address you would like to use for the invite and we’ll get you set up.


Can you also please send me invite as mine sense doest work and I gave up on it.


@kapildholakiya reach out at support@lockitron.com and we’ll get you set up.


One thing to note: we’re seeing weirdness if you keep both the beta app and production app installed; make sure to uninstall the production app and reboot the phone after installing the beta.


difference between the beta and the production app is ?


See above; changes to help with Sense debugging primarily.


@cameron haven’t seen any updates for this issue. I’ve tried to get info from Support for weeks with no replies. Now the beta app will no longer open. What is going on here? Are you guys still around or what?


Yeah, I agree. I sent an email in about the Beta app no longer opening or working and got no response.
I had to go back to the released version of the application.


We’ve seen some reports of folks having issues with iPhone X. We’re investigating.


@cameron I’m not using an iPhone X. Sense hasn’t worked since I got my Bolt. Had it at least half working with the beta app that will no longer open. More curious to hear why there hasn’t been more info on this released and no updates to the production app in months.


@cameron Support is ignoring me. Now no response here either. Sense Proximity is not working. A explained in my initial Support it was the main feature I was looking for, and I’ve given you lots of time to resolve my issue. Please provide some kind of substantial update or tell me how I can return my Bolt and cancel my Bridge that I’m still waiting on. I think you expect far too much patience from your customers, but maybe it’s just me.


@Jczippy we don’t have an update on Sense Proximity upgrades; we’re working on the app behind the scenes. I’ve followed up directly via email to keep this thread on topic.