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Blue light, no lock


I was setting up the lock and had a jam situation, and now there is a blue light (solid) and can not get the mechanism to fire. If I manually flip the switch, the lock/unlock switches in the app


@Identd what version of firmware is on that unit? The blue light indicates that the device is connected via Bluetooth.


I do not have it in front of me, but it is running the latest version, as I just got the lock last night.
I can confirm I can communicate with the lock via bluetooth, but the lock mechanism does not fire any longer, it seems like it does not even try.


@Identd do you hear multiple beeps when trying send a command? This would indicate low battery.


Nothing no flash no sound, nothing


@Identd have you swapped the batteries?


I swapped batteries and this seemed to work The batteries I removed where the ones that came with the unit


@Identd how long were they in the unit previously?


Maybe 2 hours? I took it out of the box, updated the firmware and installed the lock. Had an issue with the app showing opposite status of the actual lock. I pressed the white button closest to the edge of the door frame, and then it jammed. It stopped working after that, until the batteries were swapped. I figured the battery’s were just bad out of the box.


@Identd hmm, that’s concerning. It could indicate that there is an electrical short. Were the batteries warm?


They were not noticeably warm


@Identd ok, thanks for the detail - sounds like a bad set of batteries, sorry about that. Were they shrink wrapped?


They were. I can provide my serial number (BTW props to you guys for making simple serials!) if that would help. I assume it sat on the shelf and the batteries just lost their oomph