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Bluetooth on New Lockitrons


With the latest batch of units in the field we’ve learned that a number of PCBs didn’t have their Bluetooth module properly programmed and thus Bluetooth is non-operational on arrival.

Luckily this can be completely solved through an over-the-air update. While we’re working on an automated solution to re-program the module, please reach out to support@lockitron.com if your Bluetooth doesn’t come up.

If you’ve been able to connect to Bluetooth in the past or are unsure if your phone is connecting to Bluetooth or not, take a look at http://help.lockitron.com/article/70-lockitron-isnt-connecting-to-my-phone-over-bluetooth.

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how long until us Android users can start testing BTLE?



@ChaseFlorell sorry for the delay on this - the build we’ve been working with is “sub-Alpha” and apart from knowing that it wasn’t functional, we weren’t going to grab and useful additional data by sending out the build.

We have a few more things that we’re working on, however, we may unfortunately need to opt for specific handset compatibility up front as certain BLE phones seem to have slightly different behavior.

Which Android do you have?



I’m running a Nexus 4, a Nexus 5, and a Nexus 7.
Are you developing the app in Java, or do you happen to use Xamarin && C#?



@cameron Mine seems to have this problem. I’ll email support@ with the serial number.



Mine also still has this issue, cannot connect via bluetooth… sent an email to support with serial number - hoping it will get resolved today…



My unit got the OTA firmware update to resolve the bluetooth issue and that did the trick - thanks @cameron for pushing that out.

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@cameron I’m willing to bet this is coming in the update this week, but is there confirmation that the bluetooth modules are now leaving programmed?



@anthonylavado all units being made today have this issue fixed; unfortunately we have a number circuit boards programmed with this problem which are still being assembled into units today, so this will persist for a while.