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Bolt as a completely new replacement deadbolt


I just started to research about “keyway” as I need to know which one to order for my Bolt. I have the following questions:

  1. What is the definitive way to determine the type of keyway of my current lock/key?
  2. From what I’ve researched my current lock/key seems to be Kwikset, which I believe is inferior to Schlage. If I were to change my lock to a Schlage, can I simply order a Schlage Bolt and somehow get a brand new key for it?

To elaborate on #2 above, to me the most obvious way to accomplish the lock change is for me to first buy and install a new Schlage lock (and get a new matching key). Then when my Schlage Bolt comes, I will keymatch it to the new key. But that obvious solution sounds wasteful to me as I would effectively be buying the new Schlage lock only for the new key. So I’d like to know if I can skip buying a new lock, and use the Bolt directly as a new replacement lock. If so, how do I get a new key to keymatch the Bolt against?

Lockitron/Bolt Key Match - Canadian Backers Availability

@vlock to clarify, Lockitron Bolt is an entirely new replacement lock (in most cases, save some Schlages if people want to keep the front). If you want to keep your Kwikset key, then get a Key Match Kwikset cylinder and take it to the locksmith along with your existing key to get it matched. Buying another Schlage today wouldn’t make Sense :smile:

I should also note that our keyways are provided by different suppliers than those who make those for Kwikset; they don’t feature the same rekey system that has given Kwikset that reputation (see the CNET discussion on this).


@cameron Yes I do understand that I can keymatch a kwikset cylinder to my existing key. But what if I already want to change my lock/key anyway? If I get the Bolt with a Schlage cylinder, is it possible to get a completely new key with it?

Also, how do I determine if my existing key is Kwikset or Schlage?


@vlock ah, sorry. Yes, by default every Lockitron Bolt comes with a matched key and cylinder, Schlage SC1 style.


@cameron As you told the Bolt is a replacement deadbolt. It will include a set of keys? Which I can use as source to key match another lock?

Also if you lose the keys, can you replace only the cylinder and get a new one?


Thanks @cameron. I didn’t know the Bolt comes with a matched key. That works for me.


@TrulsZK yes, all of those are correct. In the case of lost keys you can typically take to a locksmith and they will re-key the cylinder to a new key rather than replace it entirely.



I tried to teach myself about keyways and I don’t think I quite understand.

With Lockitron can I use my existing keys with the new Lockitron system? Having the cylinder re-keyed to match my existing keys?

The first Lockitron I hope to utilize Weiser WR5 keys. The existing cylinder is below:

The other two of the Lockitron’s I have ordered, I was hoping will be compatible with KW1 keys. I believe these locks are Kwikset compatible?

  1. Weiser Lock (WR5 Key)
  2. Weiser Smartkey Compatible (KW1 Key)
  3. Weiser Smartkey Compatible (KW1 Key)

Or do I require all new keys to be cut to function with Lockitron? I hope this isn’t the case…



In short: yes. Though the Lockitron unit comes with an existing pair of keys for the keyway you order, you don’t have to use them. You can take the keyway/cylinder (the middle round piece where the key goes in) to a locksmith, or home improvement store. They can then open up that cylinder and change the pins inside to match your existing key.

The trick is to get the right keyway to match the keys you have/want to keep. Some are five-pin, some are six, have a different layout, etc etc.

I don’t know about this one off hand, best to have Lockitron themselves answer that one (cc @cameron)

Yes, that will work, and is a supported keyway if I’m not mistaken. The Lockitron KW1-compatible keyway just doesn’t have the little tool insert hole that lets you re-key it yourself, so you’ll have to take it to a locksmith for sure. As mentioned, that little hole presents a little bit of a security risk anyway.


@Mitch did you drop a line at support? I can make sure we get you the right keyways. Here’s a quick update on Key Match:

  • We can do Schlage SC1 (obviously as that’s the default keyway) and Kwikset KW1 essentially right away (Kwiksets will be ever so slightly later
  • We’re getting a count on Weiser WR5’s but are planning these as well
  • We do not have other guaranteed keyways at the moment. While we can offer most once we know there is demand, we have to meet some minimums in volume. I would guess Yale will be next on the list, but I haven’t seen a request for it yet.


Thanks @anthonylavado!

Hey @cameron,

Thank you for reply. I did email Support, but this time, I’ve decided to follow up again with more detail which was discussed above.

I hope both KW1 and WR5 will ship out with the initial shipments… fingers crossed

Thanks gents!



@Mitch, sorry I should have been more explicit - we’re getting a count on the WR5’s as they do in fact need to be special ordered and won’t be ready for a little while like the SC1s and KW1s are today. We can get you all KW1s and follow up with the WR5 when available.

What finish is that lock?


Hey @cameron,

All of my locks are to be Quicksilver finish.