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@cameron Once inside I was a able to lock and unlock it with the app. I didn’t manually unlock it.
I bet if I had waited a few minutes outside it would have worked.



@klidec if you see something like this again, can you force quit and restart the app? Or maybe even try turning off Bluetooth, then turning it back on again.



Sure thing. I’ll give that a try if I see the issue again.



@cameron Just saw some “phantom” door locked by user, door unlocked by user messages.
1h ago door locked by user
8min ago door unlocked by same user
8m ago door locked by same user

I confirmed that the user did not open or close the door. So these messages are not real.



@klidec iOS or Android? There is a known bug on iOS that loading the widget can cause a change; @Jason_Silva also reported a bug on Android that seemed to be tied into Sense and reporting spurious activities.



@cameron running IOS.
I’ll check to see if she has the widget enabled to confirm it’s the same or similar issue.
Is it a bug with IOS or the implementation of the widget on your end?



Sense has been very delayed in activating and unlocking my door the last 2 weeks. By the time i get the notification and it unlocks, im already in the house with my coat and shoes off lol. I checked today on the lockitron app, and my battery status now states 48% meanwhile it said 96% less than 2 weeks ago… i wonder if it needed a couple unlocks to see the battery percentage, or if the battery life isnt working properly.



@Jason_Silva how old are the batteries?



@cameron i’m currently getting a bunch of these phantom door locked door opened messages. I see 10 messages in the last 12 minutes.
I don’t think that my wife is opening and closing the widget screen this often. Does the issue happen when you view the widget screen or will it happen as long as the widget is configured?

I’m not seeing these events come up under my user account even though i do have the widget enabled.
I’m currently remote though and my wife is at home.



@klidec I believe you need to load the widget screen in order to trigger this; to verify this is via push notification that you’re seeing these come through? Have they stopped?

EDIT: I’ve got some diagnostics running web side on your lock to see if anything else comes through in the next hour. Seems Sense or widget related.



@cameron Correct. I’m getting push notifications like crazy.
Just saw 2 come in 1 minute ago.
And another one as i typed this.
Hopefully you captured some of this with the diagnostic setup.



@klidec yes, see those. I don’t think this is widget related, I think it’s more likely some trap with Sense.

Quick question on a possible scenario: do you think that you wife may have returned home, Sense failed and she unlocked the door with a key?

I’ve got about as much data as I can pull from the web side, I do believe this is app side. If your wife disables Bluetooth (and re-enables it after a little while), I believe that the behavior should stop.



@cameron Need to go home to confirm but my guess is that she arrived this morning and entered via the garage entrance which has no lockitron bolt. (ours is installed on our front door.)
She has her settings set to sense with notification.
I’m pretty sure she did not open the door via the app or via the notification because she arrived via the garage entrance.
So she probably just ignored the notification.
Does that help?



@klidec yes, quite a bit, thanks. I suspect that the Sense notification isn’t behaving well when ignored.

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@cameron cool. Hopefully a fixable issue.
We have it set up this way because we often use our garage entrance to come and go. We don’t always go in through the front door.
So it’s nice to have the notification option so we can quickly open/close when we arrive should we want to use the front door and ignore if we go in via the garage.
Would be great to have a second bolt in the garage entrance to the house. I’m holding out for the bugs and issues on the software side to be fixed before pulling the trigger. I’m sure there would also be some extra complications with having two bolts. The dream would be to be able to auto open the closest one based on proximity to the lock. Though not sure how accurate the proximity readings are with BT.
I’m open to testing new firmware as they come.



@klidec still working on polishing it for one lock :slight_smile:; we’ve got a few ideas in mind for how to better deal with Sense in a multi-lock environment. Not there quite yet.

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@cameron Totally get it.

Would the issue i was having with my wife’s phone triggering the push notifications, have also caused me to not be able to open the door with the app? When i got home i wasn’t able to. I tried shutting down the app and restarting. Turning off/on BT, turning off/on wifi and bt. Didn’t work.
Things started working again when i turned off and back on my wifes BT.

Also this morning i opened the app and had to click the lock button twice to lock the door on my way out.
I also had to click the open button twice to open it right after.



hmmm, as far as i know, if the phone has sense enabled, itll look for the lock and then give you the notification. So if the phone found the bolt, then there may be a possible bt connection between the two. As far as i know, the bolt can only deal with 1 connection at a time, so maybe thats why you werent able to use your phone? i believe sense works for 10 minutes to look for the lock when you return the sense zone. i could be wrong about all of this though. lol



hmmm i think i put in energizer lithiums around may of last year lol, so around 6-7 months, still working though! just seems like my phone is finding my bolt slower than usual.



@klidec that seems likely; the app seems to have gotten caught in a loop where it didn’t let go of the connection.

The double unlock is odd; does the lock move partially after the first tap?