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How do you force the savings into the lock? Now it seems my lock is stock at re-locking at 5s despite changing it to other times as well as disabling. I took out the batteries, removed the power to Bridge, etc. My lock still proceeds to lock after 5s. Help!



@oneframe I can move you off the beta for now (you will have to reprogram the unit) until this bug is fixed.



Yes, please. Let me know once I’m off and I’ll reprogram. Thanks.



@oneframe I’ve learned that there might be another bug that will crop up by downgrading you. I was able to enable and disable the timer here.

EDIT: I’m on a special build of Bridge firmware, so not sure if it will go through via Bridge for you. To sync up you need to load the home screen of the lock with Bluetooth on. You might need to try this a couple times by going to other views (i.e. users), then coming back to the homescreen and waiting 10 or so seconds.

Take the cover off the lock. A moment after submitting the change to “Disable” you should see the blue LED briefly turn on as Bridge sends the command.



No go.

Also did you mean to say Bluetooth OFF? Either way, I tried both on my phone.

With Bluetooth ON and in the Lock screen of my app, the blue light on the Bolt remains constantly ON. It will not turn off.

So I turn OFF my Bluetooth to switch to Wi-FI via Bridge and wait for a few minutes. Fiddling between screens and unlocking/locking via the app. After less than 5s, it auto locks.

I even uploaded the firmware in case it clears the timer. No effect.

Any other option? My wife says I’m in the dog house as I annoy her with the auto lock. :frowning:

How about if I remove the lock altogether as if I’m selling it? Will this clear the commands?



@oneframe no, removing it all together won’t reset that. I am deploying a change now. I think the “kludge” is that you need to try setting another timer each time it fails to set (i.e. go from disabled to 3s to disabled again).



Yeah, been toying with changing settings. Will toy with it again.



It worked! Woohoo! Yeah, trying multiple times again with disabling, choosing another time, disabling, etc worked. Thanks @cameron!

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Quick update - we’ve pushed through a couple fixes that (1) allow for the longer timers shown and (2) help show the current state of the auto lock timer. Previously only timers up to 7 seconds were working.

Unfortunately due to syncing issues with the app you will likely need to enable disable a few times to get it to set. We’re working on fixes in the mobile clients for this. With the beta Bridge build things are magically fast but there is some more testing that needs to be done there (and no easy way to get anything but our internal Bridges on the build).



@cameron I can confirm the 60s countdown works. Gives us enough time to round up the kids to exit/enter and not have it start locking after just a few short seconds.

I was able to activate it by enabling the timer, save, disable, save, enable timer again, save. Then launch the app and kill the Bluetooth connection to force Wi-Fi. Immediately after that the Bridge communicated with Bolt and updated my settings.

This is now a great and usable feature!

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@oneframe it sounds like users will want longer timers. We’ll get those added!



@cameron I just installed a second lock with bridge. And I updated the new locks firmware but it’s not updating to the latest firmware that I see I have on my first lock.
First lock is on 1496963301 And newly installed lock is on 1461012547. I’m thinking one of my locks was enabled for the beta and the second one is not. Could I get my second lock added to the beta?

Also now that I have two locks if you need a beta tester for testing anything you are cooking up for two lock functionality, I’m game. Including any new bridge testing.



@klidec thanks - mind waiting another day? We’re going to push the firmware to production tomorrow.



sure. i can wait… :slight_smile:



@cameron, can you shed light on what firmware 1500331046 does or fixes?



@oneframe it’s a small change for the auto lock timer to allow for intervals longer than 255 seconds.



Please add me to the beta firmware as well. I have multiple devices running iOS 11 betas

Thank You



@Eggyacid drop us a line at support@lockitron.com with the preferred email to invite.



@cameron, what is the latest firmware release for the Bolt and are there any new firmware in the works and what do we expect to see? Thanks.

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The latest firmware is 149693301; it resolved a number of bugs - we’ve backed off from super active firmware development to shift our focus to app updates.

While there is a newer beta available it has very minor changes to one of the system commands and isn’t planned for release.