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Bolt Beta Firmware


Hi folks - we’re wrapping up work on our next firmware build and could use your help. A few notes on this firmware:

  • It resolves an issue where you need to tap the unlock button twice to fully unlock
  • Working together with Bridge (when present) it should help pick up remote state more accurately
  • Resolves a battery reporting bug

…and a host of other things behind the scenes that pave the way for better logging, Keypad and an unannounced feature :slight_smile:. The downsides and risks include:

  • Lockitron might crash (and require a battery to be removed and replaced to reboot)
  • Your battery life might decrease

In both of the above cases we’ve worked through most of the issues in our internal alpha builds, however, it’s important to note them just in case they do still crop up. If you would like to give our new beta firmware a shot, post here or reach out via support!

Bolt Firmware
Notifications on lock/unlock in iOS app
Guide to Lockitron Bolt - [upd Dec 5th]

if this firmware contains better bridge support, I would like to ve to test it out


I’m interested in giving this a test


@imran no, this won’t significantly impact Bridge performance (there are some minor changes). Can you follow up on the Bridge dying thread? I think that Bridge location/range or your router might have something to do with the poor performance you’re seeing.


I am also interested in this!


Thanks folks! All noted, we expect to have something for you in a day or two.

UPDATE: a little later than we wanted, but the beta is live. New testers are still welcome, please message here or support@lockitron.com if you would like to give it a shot.


hey ill test the update! im always down to test!


@cameron I would like to test please


I would like to try out this beta too. thank you!


@Jason_Silva @Beavis97 @slightly99 awesome, thanks! You guys are all enabled for beta firmware.

To grab the latest beta firmware, simply head to the Settings tab in your mobile app, then tap “Update Firmware” (ignore any messages about being on the latest firmware). You may need to tap “Update” on the following step more than once to trigger the update.

After an update and some refreshes to the lock (disconnect/reconnect, restart your app), you should see the version number on the settings page update to 1479336801.

We’ve also successfully tested downgrading to the production build in case you run into any unexpected issues.


well, after spending 30 minutes trying to update on my note 3, i gave up… then remembered that i have a galaxy tab E… gave that a shot and low and behold, it updated first try… definitely some issues on android 5.0. My tab E is on 6.0.1


@Jason_Silva hrm, thanks for the report.


@cameron I’ll try the beta also


@guardian24 enabled!


Thanks. Update went flawlessly


So far so good… not noticing anything wrong yet… sense works well and maybe its me but it just sounds like its locking and unlocking with a bit more power? Maybe im crazy lol i havent had it fail to unlock yet so thats a win. Sense has been working great.


@Jason_Silva it’s using the same amount of power but is more sophisticated in turning fully (in previous versions of the firmware it would timeout really quickly).


Very nice. Keep up the good work. Cant wait for the keypad!


I have some of the issues noted, would like like to try the beta.


@toddtuttle you’re now marked for beta firmware!