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Bolt+bridge: bogus activity updates and battery



Is there a way to check the battery status in the iOS app connected over bluetooth? I don’t see anything in the settings for it.
I do see a field for it on the webpage, but that seems to be broken as per another discussion thread here.

I also see a lot of bogus lock/unlock updates in the lock activity listing. Is that also a known problem?
From what I can tell this seems to happen everytime the iOS app is restarted after closing. This was noticed because my wife was getting spurious lock unlock notifications on her phone even though no one was touching the lock.



@distributed thanks for posting! Some of that is due to an iOS bug we’re looking into (namely the extra activities). The latest firmware update should help with battery but a lot of folks are reporting they still aren’t seeing battery status. We’re looking into this and believe it’s tied to the backend.


Sounds good.
Let me know if you need more information, or want beta firmware tested.

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If you’d like in on the beta, check out this thread here: Bolt Beta Firmware
You can comment there to get included in the beta test, if you’re interested.

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UPDATE: See Incorrect battery percentage for more detail on the battery issue.

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