Bolt can't lock anymore

For the post few days, my Bolt hasn’t been able to lock anymore. Unlocks fine, but when it dries to lock, it doesn’t go far enough, makes a loud click, and tries again. I’ve let it run like that for some minutes, it doesn’t recover :frowning:
Also tested when the door is not closed the make sure it’s not frame fit problem

Any thoughts?

@Frykun I noticed the same recently with an aging Bolt; I think that the problem is with the latch inside the door prep in my case. Does your latch appear to be sticky when you turn by hand with the door open?

Alternatively there might be gear damage, but you would need to send a video for me to verify that.

Update: yes, I’ve noticed the lunch is somewhat hard to turn. It’s not too hard for human with a physical key, so it was hard to notice.
After lubricating with PTFE, the lock works fine again!

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