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Bolt Firmware Update 1456547947 - Release Notes


Hi folks - in the tradition of putting out release notes for our apps and crowdfunded Lockitrons and some backers requests, we will start including release notes for Lockitron Bolt firmware updates.

At the moment there isn’t a good way to view your Bolt firmware version, however, you should update today if you haven’t already. The latest update includes:

  • Fix for memory bug that caused the unit to crash when attempting to lock or unlock (the crash was actually a graceful way to solve the symptoms until this proper fix was ready)

  • Big changes for Bridge functionality; once the Bridge changes are deployed we’ll include release notes for that as well

  • Improvements to the auditory low battery notification

Future updates will notify you when they’re ready, but we’re still sorting some of that logic out.

Right now firmware updates are a slow process, however, the good news is that once the firmware is safely transferring (i.e. it’s great than 1% complete, see screenshot below), you can set your phone down and walk away. The update will continue even when your phone’s screen turns off.