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Bolt Keypad - FAQ


@brandur I do not think so. @cameron told me there is no NFC smart card reader for smart cards


No nfc on bolt or keypad. The original lockitron had an nfc sticker but all that it did was launch the app on your phone and unlock the door when ur phone made contact with the sticker.


Can the keypad either have preprogrammed one-time use codes, or accept a randomly generated code (similar to how RSA tokens work)? That way you someone could call you and get open access that one time without having a smartphone, messing with apps or texts or emails, and also without using a bridge.


@rajington we aren’t talking about all the Keypad functionality just yet, but I would lean towards expecting the former rather than the latter.


Will there be BOLT Keypad API’s?


@Lukas_Pelakauskas yes; you should see the docs updated with data on this soon.

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