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Bolt - Shipping Updates


Hey folks, in the interest of readability, making a new thread to follow here.

Starting with this update from @cameron:

Shipping Updates
Bridge - Shipping Updates
Shipping Updates
Bridge - Shipping Updates
Bridge - Shipping Updates
No ETA, updates, no response
Shipping Updates
Shipping Updates
Shipping Updates

Is production ramping up at this point, or should we expect fulfillment rates of about 500-1000 per month on Bolt for the near future (say, the next month or so)? Any estimates on first Bridge shipping dates yet? First 1000 Bridges?


@afoolsgambit yes, and yes. We’re hitting Chinese New Year next month which will slow us down for 10 days, but we’re working to complete all Bridges required for all backer units (and then some) in a single run.

EDIT: I should also note @pmg is in China and Taiwan as of this week to verify the builds and timing.

Guide to Lockitron Bolt - [upd Dec 5th]

Hello - What’s the latest news. The last post spoke about verifying units are ready. So - Are the BOLT units ready or not ? What about Bridge - when is the real time frame in which it will be ready ?

Thank you


@Valorguy yes, Bolt units were waiting for a bar code for fulfillment. They have that now and they’re heading via FedEx either today or Monday. Blog post coming.


Blog update today!

Lots of pictures of Bolt out in the wild.


Will the shipping updates in dashboard be updated for backers?


@ays - Shipping won’t be updating in the Dashboard as per @cameron in a post many months ago, simply because they will be shipped out as fast as they come in. The backlog for backers is going to be filled very quickly because of the quantity they’re being produced at.


@ays we’ve had some integration issues with some orders - some will go from “open” to “shipped” (or “fulfilled”?); essentially you want to keep an eye out for a tracking number which will come via email. That’s far more definitive.


has anyone started receiving the Bolt? I’ve been trying to get in touch with @cameron and @pmg regarding my order, but no one seems to care or reply to my concerns.


I think you will get it in 2016. :yum: There are always some kinks to work out initially and quality checks issues (which probably delayed things a bit)

I would love to find out more about the speed at which next 1000 units will reach U.S. or will it be 5000 instead.


Actually after watching this https://youtu.be/OLwJtfKuAzM Cameron mentioned that March/April 2016 Lockitron Bolt should be available to general public for purchase, which means. We should be receiving our Bolts in Feb/March. :tada:


I’ve been taking shipping updates to this other thread:

But in short - yes! People are indeed receiving their Lockitron Bolts.

There’s also a new update at http://blog.lockitron.com


Bolts are definitely going to people. I have gotten one and its working great! Just gotta wait on my beloved bridge lol


Doesn’t it depend on where one is in the cue; I mean if you’re the 10,700th, for example, no way.


@Tophat the old backers are no longer relevant and the orders of Bolts is a bit convoluted so we’ve avoided backer numbers altogether.


OK, so my old backer number (17K–) is irrelevant, but there still must be some relationship between ones position in the queue and when one might expect to receive the product, apart from the "convoluted’ aspects of the particular style/color one has ordered, and whether the Bridge is included or back ordered. It’s sort of funny to say this is the only purchase I’ve ever made in my life where my ultimate survival vis-a-vis my actual receipt the product makes me pause and wonder.


@tophat - I guess the current relationship is:

Bolt, Quicksilver, Non Bridge
Bolt, Quicksilver, Bridge

Other combinations are:
Bolt, Modern Gold Non Bridge
Bolt, Modern Gold, Bridge

Note: Not counting Key Match in this set.


…and remaining Bolt Preview vs. non-Preview.


Oh my…and that’s in no particular order of precedence I guess? So realistically we’re talking about late Summer and early Fall at the earliest in terms of clearing the backlog including satisfying my order…Wow…