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Bolt - Shipping Updates


Any chance as a Canadian quicksilver only bolt preorder i will see my order before end of year ? I paid 30 dollars for shipping plus bolt price. Or do you have to go through all international orders first to see if charges outstanding before shipping any. Thanks for the continual updates Cameron


@Mike328 we’re going to be working on Canadian orders first because they’re the bulk of our international and expect fewer issues with customs. That said, I don’t have an exact expectation for when we’ll be able to work through all of them to verify. If you paid $30 then you should be all set; we can easily filter folks who preordered Bolt directly, it’s the migration orders that will take time.


Can I please get an update, I ordered a unit, I was told I would get it in October, via email and its mid November and still no end in sight, been waiting since 2011 kind of crazy.


@Mac_Gurus first crowdfunded Lockitron was announced in 2012 :stuck_out_tongue:

See http://blog.lockitron.com/post/153060435087/all-backer-units-complete-production-keypad-tips - all units for backers are on the way.


20 months since I ordered the bolt/bridge and still waiting and waiting and waiting…:disappointed:


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…see above. They’re coming.


@cameron I see on Twitter that the container arrived yesterday :slight_smile: which of the Bolt Quick-Silver units arrived are for Canadian international backers who were migrated? I was migrated in 9/8/2016 (order: 101940992), original Lockitron backer from 7/24/2014, will mine be shipped out from the units received yesterday?

Keep up the good work @cameron and Lockiton Team!


@josh.stuckey we’ll be segmenting off a bunch for Canadian backers but as noted previously we still need to work on sorting out the shipping cost difference before we start those shipments.


@cameron interested buyer here… and Ive taken a look at the product details and it fits my needs very well, but I have a concern about timelines for shipping. What sort of timeline might someone in Canada face if I was interested in the Bolt+Keypad+Bridge. Also going through the buy online option it shows a final sale price including shipping for $262.75 USD can I assume that will be the final price or will it ‘change’ due to the international shipping challenges that Ive read you guys have been happening?



@dattrill Keypad hasn’t completed tooling yet, so we don’t have the exact timeline but expect to later this month. If you order without Keypad it’s looking like the end of the month but the shipping cost calculation might take longer.

All new orders since 2015 included the correct shipping amount, so there wouldn’t be any issues there.


@cameron are you planning on shipping the bridge separately for Canadian backers who ordered the Bolt + Bridge?


@josh.stuckey that’s a really good question. We’re trying to evaluate the cost side of doing this now vs timing. We might need to offer Canadian backers a choice (i.e. Bolt sooner and paying a bit extra or both later).


Hi folks - a quick update here; we’re cleaning up our orders system which is a bit of a mess at the moment; units are getting readied for shipment so we’re working to get this done ASAP.

Domestic folks should expect emails soon asking to confirm their shipping info (once more).

These improvements should also help us with the postage issue on international orders - first on Canadian orders.


What does all this mean for international backers? Are ours being shipped as well?


@edenwinter not yet - see my note a couple updates ago on this:

A Note for International Backers

We’ve successfully sent a number of test units out from our new warehouse to customers around the world. While there were some minor issues, there are a couple of important things to note once we commence international shipments:

We declare Lockitron as the value of the device: we unfortunately can’t control for local customs or duties once Lockitron arrives in your country.

Postage may be due: because Lockitron Bolt weighs more than the previous Lockitron, additional postage may be due. Once more units arrive will will be working on sorting out which orders require additional postage and which are all set (any new orders placed in 2015 or later had the appropriate amount of postage applied)

We’re working on sorting out postage issues for Canadian backers first.


Your support team(Aldwin) gave me below reply in 11/12.
Since then, they are keeping silence and not replying anymore.

we can put a priority on your orders, however, we won’t be able to give you exact timing until the next shipment arrives in our warehouse.

When do you ship to Japan, and when do you ship my orders?



@Raku Aldwin’s response is correct; we don’t have exact timing for order in Japan. Unfortunately with a massive support load and small team we likely won’t be very rapid to respond to the same question over an over again if we’ve already answered it.


I am asking same question over and over because I don’t receive the answer I requested.
I am not asking for exact timing, I just want to know rough estimate at least.
e.g. end of January, 1Q, first half of 2017 etc.


@Raku the best estimate we have for international orders other than Canadian ones is sometime in the January-February time frame. We’re likely going to work through the first few countries on a country by country basis to ensure that we don’t run into any import issues (we had a few with our trial units, despite being properly labeled).