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Bolt - Shipping Updates


Indeed, what is also confusing is how many constitute original backers and how do their numbers compare to those in the mythical queue which at one time apparently constituted tens of thousands of clients. And of the latter, I wonder, realistically, how many will actually receive their Bolt/Bridge by April 30, 2016.


One final point; I have friends and neighbors who would love to order a Bolt/Bridge but I keeping tell them, look it’s not like you can place an order on Amazon and receive your shipment two day later. When do you think you will be able to so, ie go public and satisfy customer demand like a regular company.


Everyone - jumping in here. We held back some units because the out of box experience with the currently deployed apps was ok but missing some key, expected features. These have since been fixed in our betas that we’re sending off for app store approval at the end of this week.

We have completed enough Bridges in China for more than half of Bolt + Bridge orders, some of which have reached our lock factory and are being combined with Bolts now for shipment to the U.S. so we can get started on those orders as well.

We wholeheartedly agree that once units are “available” most folks will want the Amazon Prime experience; equally they won’t want to fumble around waiting for updates for promised features to work which is why we’re resolving some last app bugs.


Thanks so much for the update.
I really wanted the brass color but I thought the silver would arrive sooner.
I can’t wait!


Hows the bolt access comming along?


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Folks - quick update. We’re just awaiting approval on apps before releasing a big shipment. The app was submitted yesterday. The fixes are in our beta builds now and based on direct feedback from another set of units we shipped last week.


@cameron do some of those include units with bridge?


@beavis97 - I don’t know for sure, but post 38 looks hopeful:


@anthonylavado Yea I saw that, was just hoping some of those will be in this shipment


@Beavis97 a few units with Bridge have shipped; the big set of units in our U.S. warehouse is waiting for the new app release. They’re without Bridge. The other set of units with Bridge in at the factory is still awaiting shipment, I believe we’re reprogramming the firmware on some of these units.


@cameron oh well alright :cry:


Are we going to get a new update. I ordered mine November 2, 2012 and hope by now you can provide us wit some more information. It has been 3.25 years!


Oh my 2012 really? It would be useful to know how many of the original “customers” like yourself are currently are still in the game in view of the latest demands by some to get their money back. That might give us a better idea of when we could expect to receive our orders in the future.


I been a hostage since April 2014!! :disappointed:
Luckly I have already develop a lovely stockholm syndrome of which I have grown very fond!!!. :joy:

@anthonylavado why was my negative comment move to another section and not keeps in the shipping updates?


@Pablo_Valente it was in response to a refund question; this thread is for updates on Bolt. We’ll move non-relevant questions to other threads that are more appropriate.


@cameron received my bridge last week. Noticed when entering the number into the app that the app doesn’t support it yet. Is the bridge support in the iOS app that you mentioned awaiting approval? Also I’d love to see multiple lockitron to bridge support. :slightly_smiling:


@Chris_Germano yes! The app update will be released very soon :smile:


I’d like an update please. Been over a year since I ordered this. Looks like there are others that have waited multiple years and still haven’t gotten theirs.

I will give you guys until May and if I don’t have any idea of when I receive my order I want my money back. When I first backed this project it was told that I should expect to receive my unit middle of last year. Very frustrating.


I ordered mine on Nov 12, 2012. You have not been waiting very long.