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Bolt - Shipping Updates


Ok…you will have to forgive me for saying this but considering how long we have been waiting (Order was placed Dec 2013) I am not sure “no public details ready” is instilling confidence. I was excited by the arrivals of both Bolts but without the bridge I can’t do what I really ordered the thing for in the first place. Add the facts I can only lock the door on the way out by standing (rain or shine) by the lock while I wait for the app to finally connect with not being able get Sense to work properly and you have long time backer suffering from serious buyer’s remorse. With bridge and a fix for Sense I could get back to being excited…


@Rattay780 given Bridge typically needs to be within 10-15 feet of your front door, Ethernet unfortunately doesn’t make sense for a lot of folks. Epic switch!

@bn2kool4u if the app is slow to connect I recommend reaching out to support; iOS devices and decent Androids should connect fairly quickly. When we’re ready, we’ll be sharing details on when to expect Bridge shipments; not quite there yet.

Quick note - we’re straying a bit off topic on this thread re Bridge. Happy to discuss as we have information on Bridge in another topic. I want to make sure folks who ordered Bolt can come here for some clarity; these mega threads become a bit unwieldy.

Bolt Updates as of April:

  • All domestic backer orders have shipped except Modern Gold; a bunch of those should be ready in our warehouse by the end of the week. I don’t believe we will have full coverage on Modern Gold orders but we will be close; the rest will follow in a couple of weeks.

  • Most Canadian orders have shipped; if you’re waiting and you’ve paid the duties, let us know in support. You likely missed the first cut off but we can queue your order up right away.

The prepaid duties worked well in Canada so we’re exploring how to do this in the next international markets.



I’ve received the same hollow promises and been told my order was “2-3 weeks from shipping” multiple times over the past 18 months. I don’t believe they have any intention of shipping to their outstanding backers… they already have our money.


how much in duties is it for canadians? i have the option on my dash to pay duties but it doesnt say how much.


@Jason_Silva that’s likely a bug if we’ve already shipped your unit. If we haven’t shipped your unit, reach out to us and we can calculate (some people prepaid more in shipping and just pay duties, some owed a bit on shipping too).

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Hold on is that true? Is there no option at least for Ethernet connection for the bridge?


@edenwinter the current Bridge doesn’t support Ethernet (as is common for most “bridge” devices in the space). We’ll have more information on the new Bridge soon.


@cameron, any sort of update for those of us in AUS/NZ?


Just a friendly reminder that it has been 4.5 years since I backed you on November 2, 2012. Yesterday, I received an email about confirming my mailing address and then was told I would get another email in a week or two. I was told my unit was made six months ago. I was told it was on a shipping container five months ago. Four months ago, I was told that I would have it by late December. December came and went with no Bolt. My emails to support told me they shipped everything they had and even though they claimed they had made enough to cover all backers, I somehow didn’t get one. My emails to support went unanswered or came with a vague reply. After all of the statements that haven’t been true, why should I trust, “we’ll send you an email in a week or two?”


@ejulien looks like you emailed support too, thanks. I also see that Tony queued up the order a couple of days ago and that it shipped out today. You should see an email with tracking information later today if you haven’t already.


Great news, @cameron. Any updates for the rest of us also waiting on Modern Gold units in the US? Any update would be appreciated. Thanks.


Any estimates for international orders? Now in june,it’s de 4r year birthday of my order…



@cameron I’m contacting @orders and @support by email for information required for self-shipping ‘my’ Modern Gold Bolt to AUS/NZ. (I’m giving you the heads-up in case they need your input). Cheers!


If the Bridge and KW1 Key Match are available before the Modern Gold Bolt, will they be shipped out before the Bolt? Or will they at least be set aside for shipment with the Bolt? It would really suck to be informed that Bridges and KW1s were unavailable again before the Bolt has even shipped.

Any news on when anything will ship? This community site indicates that only one person ( @ejulien ) has been shipped a Modern Gold, even though we were teased with pictures of dozens of Modern Golds on the blog. My Dashboard still says late December 2016.

I am a U.S. customer and first backed Lockitron on October 12, 2012. That is 4 years, 8 months and 3 days (1707 days) ago. The only thing that I have received are a few and far between e-mails and posts on the now dormant blog hinting at future availability.


@dat60a3 reach out to support if your Modern Gold hasn’t shipped and we’ll queue it.


@cameron What does this mean? I did reach out to support weeks ago. They told me they would ship me a unit in 1-2 weeks. When I finally received a package it was the KW1 key match cylinder only, no bolt (ironic since others have reported the opposite). They sent me an update that the stock they thought they had was gone and can no longer provide a shipping estimate. Basically the same point I’ve been at since I ordered. Am I considered “queued”? I think we’re entitled to a more detailed explanation on what is going on with Modern Gold. As well as some kind of shipping timeline.


@cameron it’s been 2 weeks and no response whatsoever? That’s the same response Support had. Nothing. You’re expecting all of your customers to be patient, but a little communication goes a long way. You can’t share ANYTHING?


@Jczippy sorry, Amazon flagged the Gold units as “hazardous” and silently rejected them. We’ve filled out paperwork indicating that they aren’t, they just released them again. Check with support.


Thanks for the reply. I didn’t receive an email to migrate, and only periodically lurked on this forum for updates. Would I ever have received a unit? Why weren’t orders automatically migrated, with an option to chose color later? How many orders do you currently have that are paid in full with no intention of fulfilling? I don’t expect an answer, but I hope you can understand how frustrating it is for early customers to constantly get shoved to the back of the line.