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Bolt - Shipping Updates


I am in Australia and would also like an update. If you can’t do that, please refund. It has now gone beyond a joke.


Got an email from them today, stating it’ll be a couple of more weeks for both bolts and the bridges. Nothing specific.


Same boat here, early funder. I never receive any communication from Lockitron. When I saw a Facebook brag posting that all US units were shipped a bit over a month ago, I contacted them. Said still have my order but needed a few more weeks. No further communications and certainly no units.


Thank you guys for the information. Could you tell me which email did you receive the reply from?
I did try to send another email to support@lockitron.com 7 days ago, but no reply whatsoever.


I ordered in 2014. Still no device delivered and no responses to repeat inquiries to Lockitron support via webform, by email and to their phone#.


It looks like Cameron is still responding to the customers who have the Lockitron.
So he is simply decided to leave all the customers who still have not receive it. How wonderful.

I hope there is a way to receive full refund now… Any idea guys?


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@Hanako no update here yet.

@werch what’s the issue? We deal with dozens of requests a day.


@cameron, Any news about European customers? Do you planning to start the deliveries and when it could be happened?


@cameron Should I be asking for updates on Shipping of Bridges to Canada in this thread? When I placed my order in December 2013 it was in anticipation of a device which could access the internet. The Bolts I received are lacking the internet access which was one of the main reason I wanted the device in the first place.


anyone with any word? It’s been a month since the last time i was told it would be two weeks.


Still Bridge-less in Canada


I guess they don’t care…

@cameron I think it’s time for me to ask for refunds as well…4 years…FOUR YEARS!!!


Cameron, do you plan to send at least 1 unit in Europe? If no I would like to receive full refund. I’m sorry for that but you denied to answer on a single question. How to proceed in order to receive my money back?


@bn2kool4u @ivo1bg reach out to support for help with refunds and I’ll help process.


I would like to see a software based solution or opening up the lock/unlock functionality via Bluetooth


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When could new purchases be shipped to Australia?


please tell me who to contact regarding refund, ive given up waiting and would like to get refund before your out of business


My sixth year anniversary passed on November 2, 2018 of waiting for my product. If you are shipping to stores, why haven’t you finished your obligation to the people who funded your business? Please provide me with a shipping date for my Bridge.