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Bolt - Shipping Updates


@Paperboy it’s probably best to track your order status via email, support@lockitron.com rather than Twitter, Facebook or community.

We have the best tools to look it up there, notes on your order history and notes on when we committed to shipping something out. Twitter, Facebook and community are a poor place for us to keep a record of these things as we have to cross reference handles and names to order numbers that are registered in several places. I see your last email their was responded to by us, but happy to keep the conversation going there, where we can actually support you.


Just an FYI, Cameron…You asked me to email you through the support@lockitron email, and I did so right after your response. Still no response from them either…


@Paperboy your order has been tee’d up with the warehouse, it’s quite an early one (based on your crowdfunded Lockitron). You should see an email Monday with shipping information.


Would it be possible to have an update on the shipping to Canada please?
I placed my order on October 2012 and still haven’t received mine or any news about them.
Thank you.


I feel the same way I ordered back in july 2013, and still havnt recieved any lockitron even the original product. and havnt seen an update in a while or any shipping things. please what is the status and or even my status!!! @cameron


how long should we wait to receive a response or expect to receive a response when sending update requests to support@lockitron.com?


Typically 2-7 days; these requests are dropped in priority behind folks who need help with their units.


Hi , question for you , I don’t know if you people remember but I jokingly mentioned if I would ever receive my product before I pass away lol , if I looked through my emails am sure I can find it ( kept ever one I ever sent and received ) well but any ways I really do wonder if I really will or not , turns out i have congested heart failure , was hospitalized so if you need any proof I can and some or all hospital reports , wouldn’t that make a story for Lockitron website " man waits 4 years for product that he paid for but never received it before he dies "

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you able to reply to my last message on the forum???


Been waiting 3 years. I backed you in the first few days because I believed in your product. I’m in Canada. What is the status of my order?


Folks, quick update. Units from the shipment that arrived in the U.S. are now available for shipment, including Bolt with/without Bridge.

Lots of folks should see shipment notifications come through early next week (I believe this takes us close to Jan. 2013 but I need to verify).

International test units are heading to their facility as well, however, I don’t know how quickly they will be added to stock there.


Any modern gold updates?


@Jczippy we got a trial set of these units (around 20 I believe) that we inspected. While the finish looks great, is much more susceptible to minor issues when being done. As a result we’re having to change the QC process to reject more of the units until the process can be modified.


@cameron, just to confirm, the Bolt with Bridge you mention is only the US model, you still don’t have international ones ready?

I must have missed this bit of info all this time as I don’t recall it being mentioned that this big shipment is only US models??

If this is the case, how much longer is it likely to take before we get Bolt with Bridge in Australia?


Jon Brown
December 09, 2012 at 07:45 PM PST
Place in Line 4333

Still no Lockitron. No shipment, no promise or end in sight. Can I please get an update.


@Mac_Gurus did you migrate your order? What color? And where are you located (i.e. in the US, Canada, another country). All of those factors play into when your unit will ship; the last units for all domestic orders through January 2013 that are Quicksilver are arriving at the warehouse now.


I need to find out where is my order for the Bolt With Bridge-Quicksilver which was ordered on 2016-05-10 @ 3:08 PM


Yes, I migrated my order over a year ago. The color was Quicksilver. I am located in Washington DC.


@Mac_Gurus you should be one of these units then. I’ll need your migration order number to confirm.

@jrberry4002 here’s my note from above that’s relevant for you - Paul was just in Taiwan with these units:


Did they ship this week? I don’t recall getting a shipping notice.