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Bolt - Shipping Updates


Ordered November 02, 2012. 2797 in line. Should mine be shipping this week?

(USA, Quicksilver, Bolt+Bridge)


I ordered November 2, 2012. I’m less than 2 months away from waiting four years. No updates or notifications for months. You have had my money for years. Seriously, after three years and ten months you can’t tell me when I will be receiving my products?


My migration order number is Order #101856819


So with that being said this will weeks, months, or years to get it shipped. I am one of many customers that is looking to get their product. I ordered mine on 2016-05-10 my order number is Order #102354991


jrberry, there are WAAAAAY more people ahead of the line, orders from 2012-present. Youll have to wait like the rest of us.


Hi Cameron,
Would it be possible to have an update on my order please? I place my order on October 22, 2012 at 08:45 PM PST.
My place in line before the transfer was 2076.

I keep asking updates but I’m always told it’s ongoing and cannot get a clear answer on when I could expect my units:
Migration #: 101942327 & 101942324

Thank you, have a good day!


@cameron Why have you not sent any email updates about the status like we were getting a very long time ago? There’s been no effort to communicate at all. And this forum is hardly a means for getting any answers about having a product in hand. Highly disappointed in this whole procedure.


@cameron Hi I’ve almost resigned to the fact that after 3 years it’s not gonna happen. It sure feels like highschool with the girl you put all the time in but never gives it up. So what do we do? Not much I can do. ALL I WANT IS REGULAR UPDATES GOOD OR BAD AS LONG AS YOU TELL US ANYTHING!!!


Order #101753550 when am i supposted to get mine



Please provide an update on the blog, it’s been almost 6 months since your last post and the radio silence isn’t reassuring for those who are patiently waiting.

When can Canadians expect our Bolt+Bridge units to be shipping?

Last thing we’ve heard is trial runs are ongoing from your new distributor since Amazon wouldn’t allow international shipments apparently…any update would be greatly appreciated.

You should consider updating the following shipping information timelines to the current timeline to prospective customers: http://help.lockitron.com/article/94-what-is-lockitron-bolts-production-timeline




Agree. Starting to feel more and more concerned…


@cameron I’m still waiting for mine - original backer 5686 (1/13/2013). Migration order numbers 101747257 (3/4/2015) and 101749709 (3/6/2015). Located in the US. Quicksilver Bolt+Bridge. Does that mean mine should be shipping by now according to your previous post from a few weeks ago?


@reedog117 sorry, to clarify that was up to January 2013. Some January 2013 orders will be in the batch, not sure if we will make it to the 13th.

@josh.stuckey @seanhealy yep, sorting out details with the new warehouse; once the remaining units arrive (should be in a single container), the required number of international units will be directed to the new warehouse rather than Amazon which will wrap up domestic orders.


@cameron - Once this round of shipments is done, when is the next expected shipment? I’m 1/11/2013 also waiting on a QS B+B. Thanks!


@esyy2 we don’t have the exact date on when the container is leaving and arriving - we know it’s arranged for next month but I don’t have the date. It will have your unit.


@cameron, again you say you don’t have an exact date here and yet you advertise on your website a time frame. Why?


@cameron, are you ok? Just curious why you and your company are unwilling or unable to give out weekly updates. I am upset with the huge delays BUT I could swallow it a lot easier if I knew you were out there doing something. The way you and your company are handling this makes me and I assume other people, think you’re stringing us along. JUST ASKING FOR A SIMPLE UPDATE ONE A WEEK! It would take a whole 5 minutes 1 day a week, then you could spend the other 167hours55min delivering our “Bolts”


@cameron, how about an update on the main Blog? It’s been 6 months…I believe I speak for us all by saying our patience is running beyond thin, especially for those who are waiting for Bolt + Bridge both domestic and International orders (like myself).

Also, as supporters of your product, we the consumer deserve to know the shipping dates, ETA of container shipment arrivals and the current manufacturing/production status of the Bolt. Failure to provide those specific details and even ignoring member’s inquiries regarding statuses and delivery dates isn’t assuring at all…by now most of us feel this product and campaign is nothing but bogus.

All we are asking is to keep us informed of the progress being made, or not being made. Any news good or bad is better than no news at all, especially the radio silence we have witnessed here.

I’m very excited to receive the Bolt and was one of the original backers of the Lockitron units 3 years ago. I still have confidence in the product despite advancing competition bringing additional features to the market over the past few years while the Lockitron/Bolt has been in development. As long as I receive a Bolt + Bridge soon, I will continue to be satisfied customer but can’t help feel disappointed with the performance from Apigy.

Thank you :slight_smile:


@Trev339 @josh.stuckey we’re essentially waiting on the factory now to complete units and as such every here is focusing on software.

We have a big firmware update that we’re working on that resolves a bug that requires a double tap on the app to unlock. We’re also fixing some parts of the app that were broken with iOS 10 (and did not crop up until production release of iOS 10).

I’m waiting to hear what the container date is from our factory as well. This can shift depending on the other production runs they are completing independently from Lockitron.

EDIT: one additional bit to add - Canadian and international backers at large will like to know that we’ve sent out some test shipments form our new warehouse and will have a few more on the way this week. We’ll be following up with the backers who received these units to verify packaging and customs declarations were sufficient.



**Any update from the factory regarding the container date? **
Any update regarding international (Canadian) Bolt + Bridge shipments?

Keep up the great work, looking forward to reciving the Bolt + Bridge :slight_smile: