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Bolt - Shipping Updates


Update from myself.

I’m in Canada and my locks just arrived. So far everything is working great!

Getting the bridge’s setup for the front and back doors was a bit confusing but all is well.


Thanks for the update !

Also in Canada and still waiting for my bolt (no bridge)

Did you receive an email about shipping notification or did they just arrive unexpectedly?


@Cameron I saw your post about domestic shipping being completed. I’m a July of 2013 bolt+bridge paid order and haven’t received any updates in the last 5 months. Should I expect it in the next few weeks?


Jealous. @cameron, are you able to give status on other Canadian orders like myself? Thanks.


I too would like to know a general timeline for Canadian orders to be sent out, or perhaps arrival window estimates.

I’ve a Quicksilver Bolt / Bridge on order, and as @Cameron noted in early Oct 2016, there’s some test units going out… but there’s no estimate on when those will arrive, or when the main batch is projected to be in full swing / shipped / delivery windowed.

We’ve all been waiting patiently for years for this, most with excitement tempered by knowledge that any new product on Kickstarter is fraught with complications and no guarantees. What I believe most would like at this point is general reassurance of where things stand, and what to expect for the next 3 months or so - pretty basic, but it would go a LONG way to putting our minds at ease, especially after the lengthy road we’ve all been walking together. Thank-you.


@Peter_Ehm @Cantonsm we’re just about to confirm the exact date it’s leaving the factory :smile: - due to a problem with latches and Modern Gold production speed we’re breaking it into two shipments (:unamused:), however, luckily they’re back to back and the first one is the bulk of the units; the second one will have the Modern Gold locks. It’s very soon, as most of the units were already completed over the last 45 days.

@oneframe @Mike328 @Peter_Ehm you’ll receive a shipping notification with tracking information. We’ve sent out a few Canadian orders and had some hiccups with the provider choice (UPS didn’t work out on one package, FedEx did on several).

A couple things re Canadian and international orders as we move forward: all new international orders paid for shipping (since January 2015), however, as we’re reviewing orders we’re seeing a lot of folks who migrated their orders who never did (the coupons didn’t require payment). We’re going to have to review international orders to confirm who in the pre-2015 orders paid and who still needs to.


@Cameron, what about my order? I ordered an original lockitron and paid shipping July 24, 2014, migrated in September 8, 2015 via the coupon to Quicksilver + Bolt. Canadian Backer. I was told that I would keep my place in line with the transition.

For those who paid the $25 for shipping of the original Lockitron, that covers the shipping and import fees for the Bolt + Bridge?

Keep up the good work! Excited to see the Bolt + Bridge soon :).


@josh.stuckey I just took a look; it looks like you were charged $20 USD for Canadian shipping. Unfortunately Bolt is a bit more expensive to ship. We’re going to have to see if we can bridge that difference or need to pass it onto the customer. In cases like this, if there is a difference it should be really small and we’ll do our best to accommodate.

My note, however, is mainly directed for international backers who paid $0 in international shipping and migrated their orders.

Way way back when we created payment tokens that were greater in value with Amazon than the cost of Lockitron; we thought we would be able to use this to go back an charge international orders for shipping once we knew exactly how much shipping would cost.

It turned out this wasn’t possible, so we then let folks pay the difference via credit card. Some international backers did this, some didn’t, and we didn’t have the time to clean it up once we started migrating everyone to Bolt.


@Cameron thanks for the update. Should we expect to receive our Bolt + Bridge in 6-8 weeks then for Canadian and international backers? It seems things are ticking along nicely at the moment, this is a breath of fresh air for most of us :slight_smile:


@cameron, can you ship my Bolt + Bridge to my US shipping address so I don’t have to spend on international shipping and possibly get it faster. Let me know how we can go about arranging this and I’ll provide you with my address.


@cameron any idea when shipments to Europe will start? We ordered a couple of weeks ago from the Netherlands. We thought you were already shipping! On your website it says:

Shipping Quicksilver today. Modern Gold coming soon.

Ships in 4-6 weeks
Ships in 8-10 weeks with Bridge

Can you give us more information?


@cameron: I just saw a post by @Cantonsm that you had mentioned domestic shipping being completed (although I don’t actually see any posts where you mentioned that). Based on the posts I do see, it does sound like my shipment should be coming very soon as I was an original backer on December 04, 2012 with a migration date of 11/30/2015 (# 101755761). Where are you guys in terms of early backers? Just making sure my order didn’t get missed somehow.


@cameron Hi! Just checking in to see what a rough updated timeline for people who pre-ordered is, I’m personally a January 2016 quicksilver+bridge buyer.


Can you please provide an update on when I might receive my Bolt +Bridge (Quicksilver) in Australia?

Original order date: Oct 8, 2012
2nd Order date: March 25, 2013


@ays reach out to support@lockitron.com; your order should have shipped if Quicksilver and domestic. We synced old and new orders in a convoluted fashion; if your email on your migration order didn’t match your original account, it likely didn’t sync.

@oneframe pinged directly, but yes, we can do that.

@mikiballester sorry, we are shipping but only domestically. You can scroll up through this thread on a bit more info on international shipments. Thanks for noting as that needs to be clarified on the website.

@ericklemyelmo you’ll see a big shipment(s) noted above; your unit will be in that shipment. We should have the confirmed day it’s leaving the factory very soon.

@saxnix @josh.stuckey I don’t have a specific timing on international orders, sorry. As noted above we need to review postage paid on orders first but will try to get to that as soon as possible with units coming int.


just dropped support a line. thanks!


I haven’t either. I’m Jan 2013 order Paid oct 13 how are Canadians getting there’s when I haven’t received mine. disheartning


I ordered in March 2013. It sounds like you are shipping now. When might I expect mine? I am in Virginia.


@cameron Dope! Thanks for the quick response, very excited!


@Bone1031 just because they’re Canadian doesn’t mean they couldn’t have had orders before Jan. 2013 ;); a bunch of January units just headed out. When in January was your order placed? Touch base with support; if you’re not in this batch you’ll be at the front of the line once the new units show up.

@Sarringt you’re close, but you’ll be in the next massive shipment!