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Bolt - Shipping Updates


@cameron - Good to hear. I’m Jan 11 2013 (US), but don’t see any updates in my order status on the website. Have you made it that far into Jan 2013 yet? Thanks!


@esyy2 I know we made it into the first week, but you should be very close if not. Drop us a line at support@lockitron.com and we can take a look.

FYI (for everyone): the dashboard status is updated infrequently; updating the orders across multiple systems is a significant undertaking so don’t be surprised if you are queued up and receive tracking information without a status update first.


After patiently waiting for ~4 years I received my tracking info. My lockitron bolt + bridge should arrive tomorrow! can’t wait!


@ays Cograts! :slight_smile:

To help the rest of us who are waiting would you mind answering the following questions:

When did you place the order?

If you don’t mind me asking, are you an US backer or International?

Thanks! Josh :slight_smile:


I was an original backer on 12/4/12 and migrated my order to bolt+bridge on 11/30/15. US, Quicksilver


@cameron when do you realistically expect to start shipping international orders? By the way, you haven’t yet changed the text on your website. It’s very misleading to say that you are “shipping today”.


@cameron Website is not misleading… is flat out lying. When I order July 6th it sayd 1-2 weeks delivery for Bolt Only (No bridge - Quicksilver US order). Back in September they updated to 4-6 weeks. I have waited 16 weeks. The worst part is that they charge you upfront with deceitful delivery promises. I would have never paid if I would known in advance I would have to wait nobody knows how long for this vaporware.


@antiflash it would be more productive if you reached out to support@lockitron.com rather than make accusations here. I see that support followed up to your last email stating that your order was queued; if you didn’t receive it, then support@lockitron.com is the best place to let us know.


@cameron I just dropped a line to support, but want to follow up here… I ordered November 30, 2012 and migrated to quicksilver bolt + bridge on April 1, 2016. When can I expect to receive my order?

Thanks –


Is support@lockitron would be able to provide additional help? Responding that my order is in queue is of no help if you don’t commit to a delivery date. The problem here, is you are still keeping my money while failing to comply with the sales agreement in the stated shipping time frame given in your website. I felt for people waiting since 2012, and sorry if I sound entitled but I did not crowfounded, I did not pre-order. I supposedly bought a shipping product in 1-2 weeks (mislead by false advertising in your website). It is amazing to me how you fraudulently continue taking peoples money under false premises for all this time. Please at least update our order page to say the true: that this is a just pre-order and you don’t know when it will ship.


@antiflash support@lockitron.com would be able to offer additional help. I recommend noting that your order should have been shipped as it was one without Bridge; we have these in stock.

@Joe_A U.S. or international? What finish?


@cameron US, Quicksilver.


@Joe_A message support - that should have gone out, however, if you changed your finish or didn’t place the migration order under the same address as your original order it was likely pushed back.


@cameron can I get an update? My original order was feb 2013 and my converted order is 101833322.


@cameron when will all backorder shipments be complete?


@techoguy @jsu1972 all domestic backordered units will be wrapped up in December. We don’t have a clear time frame for the international units yet.


FWIW: I used to post here a lot asking for updates. In the last two months (when I thought my order should be nearing shipping), I’ve shot two support@lockitron.com emails, the first was answered within an hour, and the 2nd took a few days. Either way, the response I got was a lot more clear and helpful than anything I’ve gotten in the past from this forum post. My most recent email was just a few weeks ago when I thought I should’ve gotten a shipping notification as I was an original US backer from dec 2012. Cameron advised to email support. The next day I got my shipping conf and I received my lockitron two days later. The day after that I got my response from support with an apology for the delay. Not sure if my email had anything to do with it, but my point is chances are you will get a more direct answer in relation to your particular order than anything you will get here from cameron.


@techoguy @jsu1972 all domestic backordered units will be wrapped up in December. We don’t have a clear time frame for the international units yet.

Cameron, does this include modern gold?


@Jczippy yes; as well as the remaining Satin Nickel and Polished Brass units for Bolt Preview backers.


And more details on the latest: