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Bolt - Shipping Updates


Our (original) plan was not to wait on Bridge units for Canadian orders.

Is this implying that this is no longer the case?

So basically, not being able to update the dashboard is entirely the issue at the moment?


@cameron I have now waited 4.25 years for my order to ship. You said you weren’t going to update my dashboard in October because my order would ship any day. My dashboard actually was updated and reads late December for shipping. Late December is gone. Late January is gone. It has now been 1553 days since I backed you and helped you get into this business. You have not kept your promise to me. How is it possible that you do not know when my lock will ship after all of this time?


Or waiting on NAFTA to be renegotiated?

Speaking of which:

How goods qualify under NAFTA

Your goods qualify for the U.S. duty-free rate under NAFTA if the following applies:

-the goods are for your personal use; and
-they are marked as made in the United States or Canada or not marked or labeled to indicate they were made anywhere other than in the United States or Canada.

Casual Goods
3 Casual goods that are acquired in the United States

(a) are deemed to originate in the United States and are entitled to the benefit of the United States Tariff if

(i) the marking of the goods is in accordance with the marking laws of the United States and indicates that the goods are the product of the United States or Canada, or

(ii) the goods do not bear a mark and there is no evidence to indicate that the goods are not the product of the United States or Canada

So if your packaging has made in Taiwan all over it, then there is duty, if you have a made in the usa or no origin information, then there should be no customs.


Ditto. My dashboard stills says end of Dec 16.


Are gold units to US shipping soon?


I need to know the current situation and estimate ship date.
I thought the shipment will start within this month.
When do you start shipping to JAPAN???


@cameron, I’m not part of the crowdfunding group. I purchased a Modern Gold early last year from the ecommerce site for international delivery (to Australasia). All the unresolved delays and issues discussed here regarding international deliveries make me ask: Wouldn’t it be better to temporarily disable international purchases on the ecommerce site with an explanation there that they will re-enabled once your new delivery channel gets up to speed? You could subsequently open purchases to NAFTA countries before the rest of the world.
Meanwhile, for the benefit of us living offshore of the Americas, please advise the current state of play regarding offshore delivery. Would we be able to get a partial shipping refund if we changed our addresses to ones in the USA then self-shipped overseas?


@KiwiWales thanks for the feedback - we’ll look into that in the near term. We turned off shipping to a few destinations and that created a bit more of a hassle as folks worked around and orders were flagged as fraud with varying addresses.

@Rattay780 @ejulien @josh.stuckey we should have some big news re Canadian orders very soon. Indeed potential NAFTA instability did create problems for locking in rates with duties paid, so we had to find another avenue. We’re close to getting that kicked off and it’s looking like it should be beneficial all around. Once confirmed we’ll update here or via the blog. Lockitrons are made in Taiwan, so that’s what we declare and print on the box - no way getting around the duties.

@Makaveli6103 @Jczippy we’ll likely coordinate the Modern Gold shipments to warehouses with Canadian orders. Will confirm once that’s the case.


I’m not in Canada. My address is within an hour and a half’s drive from your office.


@ejulien sorry, confused that one. Are you waiting on Modern Gold?


For over four years now.


@ejulien we’ve only offered Modern Gold since 2015. But this applies:

@Makaveli6103 @Jczippy we’ll likely coordinate the Modern Gold shipments to warehouses with Canadian orders. Will confirm once that’s the case.


Are you going to answer my previous message or not???

I need to know the current situation and estimate ship date.
I thought the shipment will start within this month.
When do you start shipping to JAPAN???


What is the last update on shipping Bolt and Bridge to Canada? 2 orders waiting since December 2013. I see promises of all kinds on shipping soon, getting updates on the Dashboard but not much is happening.



@Hanako I don’t have an update on shipping to destinations outside of Canada; once we have completed those orders we will be working on other countries.


What? You still don’t have an update?
How about the estimate date? Can you at least provide a rough estimate like Q2 or Q3 etc??


When the Modern Gold choice was offered, there was no mention of a waiting period of two years. You have had my money for over four years. Why is Modern Gold tied to Canadian shipments??? I’m less than 100 miles from your office.


Hi folks - another update for Canadian backers; we’re taking a new approach to shipping Canadian orders whereby we’ll be shipping to a warehouse in Canada first, then directly to you.

Similar to the duties paid method I mentioned in my last update on Canadian orders we’ll be paying for the duties on units, however, we don’t have a good estimate on what this number will be just yet. In turn, we’ll pass this along to you via the web dashboard.

This has a few benefits:

  • You won’t owe customs to FedEx or need to deal with anything at the post office (we’ll add that to our dashboard prior to your orders going out)
  • We’re taking care of the custom fees in bulk which reduces handling fees; from our test orders we saw handling fees in the neighborhood of $10 per unit

Once we’ve confirmed the amount of the duties (and shipping for those folks waiting on it), we’ll update in the dashboard. We expect to have an update on the timing of this by next week, but we’re already working with our warehouse to get everything in motion.


Based on this update, why would US orders for Modern Gold be coordinated with the work going on for Canadian orders?


The much younger and more naive me, way back when I ordered this product would say" that’s great news about the Canadian orders!!, thanks very much for the update!!" But alas I’ve been on this ride for far to long. I’ll say thanks when the box is in my hands. Hope it’s true.