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Bolt - Shipping Updates


Will these be both bolt and bridge?
Or will we be having longer waits, more shipping and more duties later on to contend with for bridge?

“Thanks for preordering a Lockitron. Your Lockitron is estimated to ship in October 2014.”


@Rattay780 no, we don’t have Bridge yet. Total duty will be the same as these will be declared at the “without Bridge” price.


What? You still don’t have an update?
How about the estimate date? Can you at least provide a rough estimate like Q2 or Q3 etc??


Just a friendly reminder that I backed on November 2, 2012. It is now 4.33 years since that date. No estimate of delivery. No tracking number. I live within 100 miles of your office. In October, you published that all backer Bolts were made. Why don’t I have my Bolt yet? When will you ship it? Why do I have to wait for you to make test shipments to Canada to get my product when I don’t live in Canada?


@cameron , any update on the duties/shipping for Canadian backers? Shipping estimates? Dashboard updates?

You mentioned this a week ago:

Once we’ve confirmed the amount of the duties (and shipping for those folks waiting on it), we’ll update in the dashboard. We expect to have an update on the timing of this by next week, but we’re already working with our warehouse to get everything in motion.


@josh.stuckey they are en route! We will have an update next week on this.

After speaking with the shipping company we won’t have a total on the customs until it hits the border (we have an estimate). Nonetheless we’re hustling to get that info into the dashboard.


RE: the shipping. The migrated bolt and bridge order does not list the shipping that was paid ($16.75 in my case) on the original lockitron order. Is this part of the dashboard challenges?
Which city in Canada is this warehouse in?


@cameron So…days, weeks, months, years go by and the news are pretty much the same since when I placed my order back in 2013. Assembly issues, shipping issues, now NAFTA issues…if this goes on long enough something else will arise and that will be the new issue. And the Dashboard…lol really? I am pretty sure it’s not updated because your don’t really know what to update it with…Am I wrong here? I want to be wrong …please tell me I am.


See above, lots of helpful information from my last post:


@cameron I already read all of it…and I share @Trev339 feeling on this. To many promises have not been fulfilled for me to pay credit to anything short of a tracking number from a reputable shipping company or better yet products in hand. Must I point out how since the time of my order, a number of competitive products have hit the market place? They are on the shelves of hardware stores I visit almost every week…


@bn2kool4u sorry, you won’t receive a tracking number without duties paid.

Since my last post these units are now across the board and should be processed by the warehouse this week. Awaiting the total on duties.


@cameron Updates for US orders of modern gold? Haven’t seen any responses to my last couple requests. You said they were on the same timetable as Canada orders, just not sure why.


How about the rest of the world?

BTW I demolished then built a 3 level house in less time it has take to put a lock on it. I’ll just leave that there.


That is both funny…and sad.

Patiently waiting in Australia…


He is ignoring my message now :frowning:

How about the estimate date for rest of world?
Can you at least provide a rough estimate like Q2 or Q3 etc??


Looks like the competition has released some similar type of locks as the Lockitron/Bolt now. http://www.weiserlock.com/en/kevo/convert

I hope my Bolt comes to Canada before I take a trip to Lowes or Home Depot ;-).

@cameron any updates for Canadian customers? Have you found out the duties/fees?

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@josh.stuckey yes! Putting the final touches on some of these changes for the dashboard :grinning:


@cameron Great! When can we expect the changes to be made in the Dashboard? Also I was upgraded to the Lockitron Bolt I believe it was 2-19-2015. Can you see where I’m at in the queue for dashboard upgrades and shipping?


@josh.stuckey Thanks for the possible alternative.
@saxnix That brand is already being sold in Mitre 10 NZ and Aussie…the model @josh.stuckey references cannot be long in coming.
@cameron Please update us weekly as to progress on international shipping.